Saturday, August 2, 2014

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GIESELMANN: Religion in China

The hour-long commute from classes to my internship in downtown Shanghai is punctuated by a stroll past the Jing’An Temple. This temple — which literally translates as “The Temple of Peace and Harmony”— is unique in its immense size. Gold roofing, red archways, ornate beasts and twisting pillars form an absolutely resplendent example of Chinese […]

GIESELMANN: Homesickness

Regardless of where I wake up, the first thing I do when I hop out of bed in the morning is look out of my window. The first view of the world outside gives me an idea of the day’s mood. Beyond merely checking for snowfall outside of my Allston apartment, I can see the […]

GIESELMANN: Tiananmen Square

Beijing is an old city. Compared with the omnipresent bright, neon lights that adorn the mass of skyscrapers in Shanghai, Beijing did not immediately strike me as a thriving metropolis, home to 21 million citizens. Instead of highways elevated above the rest of the city, allowing cars to hurtle around the city four stories up, […]

GIESELMANN: Youth culture in China

Once again, I step onto a crowded subway train. The subway door beeps twice as a man hurries on during the last second. The doors close as the man squeezes in, creating a chain reaction that jostles everyone in a five-foot radius. I hold tightly onto the metal bar in an attempt to remain unmoved, […]

Gieselmann: Taking the subway in Shanghai

I stir in my bed, slowly becoming aware of the world around me. Sunlight leaks in through a slit of cloth, the window to my right barely showing the break of day. I turn over in bed and check the time on my alarm. Having hit the sleep button a few times already, my half-awake […]