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Orientation Guide 2013

Welcome to Boston University, Class of 2017. The editors at The Daily Free Press have put together a guide to the university and city. Hover over the image to get the links to each story.

Looking back, looking forward: For the class of 2017

Between several on-campus incidents and developments ranging from muggings to gender-neutral housing to several student deaths, Boston University students saw a 2012-13 year filled with ups and downs. However, these disturbances have largely inspired positive changes and actions amongst students, BU officials and BU alumni from around the country and the world. In the wake […]

Guide to BU

Boston University’s main campus is easy to navigate, stretching two miles along the Charles River. This map provides information about major colleges, residences and resources on campus and is designed to make life easier for new students. We’ve also included tips and tricks so you’ll know the best places to study or grab coffee between […]

Preview of city coverage for next semester

Here is a preview of some news stories that will be covered in the summer months and in the 2013 semester. In Boston, there is a wide range of stories that will be covered, from breaking news to political elections to new state laws. The Special Senate Election After U.S. President Barack Obama was reelected […]

Top 10 things every freshman should do in Boston

Listed below are the top 10 activities every freshman at Boston University should do in the city before he or she graduates. Ranging from delicious restaurants to tours and sightseeing, these are the experiences that each student should have. In no particular order, here is your list: 1. Visit art museums for free — Boston […]