Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Grad School Brightens Dim Job Prospects

College of Communication senior Juno Kim never planned on going to graduate school when she first decided to pursue a major in advertising.

Gov. Patrick proposes new emergency budget

In the midst of a deteriorating economy, Gov. Deval Patrick released his Emergency Recovery Plan Wednesday, which includes a proposed $27.97 billion budget for the 2010 fiscal year and a 2009 mid-fiscal year ‘fix’.

Slim wallets can lead to bulging waists

As the financial crisis empties pockets, many people are finding the stress of an unstable economic future to be both mentally and physically debilitating, they said.

Getting ‘Linked In’ to Get Paid

When most students entered the Facebook realm of tagged photos, wall posts and poke wars, they did so with the innocent intention of sharing information with a network of mostly college-age friends.


Boston University College’ of Arts and Sciences senior Nichole Szembrot has not spent any money on textbooks for her classes this semester. While she said she has spent more than $500 on books in the past, her experience has taught her she can save money by either going online and settling for older versions of the text, using a digital version of the text if her professor provides it or simply not buying the books at all.