Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Drugs a factor in one-fifth of car accident deaths, study shows

A government study on Tuesday showed that about 20 percent of drivers killed in car crashes in 2009 tested positive for drugs.

The new data illustrates a growing problem of drivers operating under the influence of illegal substances.

Obama shows willingness to compromise with GOP

President Barack Obama emphasized his desire to bridge the divide between Republicans and Democrats Wednesday in his first press conference after the Tuesday elections that cost his party at least 60 seats in the House of Representatives.

Fed plans $600 billion stimulus

The Federal Reserve Board announced a plan on Wednesday that would provide a $600 billion stimulus to the U.S. economy by purchasing long-term treasury bonds.

GOP gains House, Dems keep Senate

Even as Massachusetts voters swept Democrats into state office, nationwide election maps turned increasingly red as voters gave Republicans control of the House of Representatives.

Amtrak: Hub to D.C. in 3 hours future possibility

Future Boston University students fromD.C. may get an easy way to get home fast &- without having to take an airplane.