Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Make the wages work

Poverty comes not from a deficiency of money, but from a lack of effort. In a nation that boasts one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, there is no excuse for people to live without a way to better themselves. Through work and will, any American should be able to make a […]


The miserable and the solitary will no longer stand by while everyone else gorges on high-calorie chocolate affection and flaunts their calorie-burning tonsil hockey. The captains of the card industry will no longer be allowed to discriminate against the wallflowers of the world in favor of the lucky in love! Valentine’s Day has too long […]

On fire over student response

Last year Seton Hall University had more than 15 false fire alarms. On Jan. 19, 2000, it was for real. Two of my friends from high school woke up and made there way to the door like they had many times before. When they got there, they realized the heat outside was tremendous, and decided […]

Humor too far off

“Suction scams and the way they pay” (Feb. 8) outlined a “Miracle Diet,” a columnist’s brilliant answer for losing weight. The so-called miracle diet involved consuming diuretics in order to drain weight from the body. This is not a healthy method of weight loss; this is a form of bulimia, a serious illness. Columnists often […]

Skip the chopsticks and bag a burger

A woman will do anything to impress a man. For example, a woman wears makeup, diets, waxes and parades around in four-inch-nosebleed-causing-stillettos in order to seem more appealing to men. Moreover, she will feign interest in baseball, football, basketball and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Or she will wear the bikini from the swimsuit edition […]