Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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NU students guide Dig tours

The Big Dig is rapidly becoming one of the biggest tourist attractions in Boston. To accommodate the growing number of visitors wishing to tour the mammoth Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel project, Massachusetts Turnpike Authority chairman Andrew Natsios has decided to hire journalism students from Northeastern University to give tours of the Big Dig. This decision […]

Run it down the flagpole

For many an ugly, hate permeated year, several members of the Southern States We Should Lop Off social club flew Confederate Flags, or “Confederate Flag Lite” additions on top of and within their state capitol buildings. Their excuse and/or desperate, flailing explanation: “It’s part of our heritage.” Um, excuse me? Apparently heritage is an unlimited […]

Former judge praises fellow female lawyers

?? ??, a retired Supreme Judicial Court Justice, was honored along with newly appointed attorneys and judges last night at the Copley Marriott Hotel by Attorney General Thomas Reilly, the Women’s Bar Association, Women’s Bar Foundation and Massachusetts Black Women’s Attorney Group. Abrams is best known for her 23 years of service as the first […]

Expressions of Love

For most people, Valentine’s Day means open expressions of love and like. But for Paul Mercurio, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences and Pat Hutchinson, a senior at Stonehill College, today means more than roses and chocolate. Hutchinson remembers that for years he thought about Valentine’s Day and watched his brother go […]

Win brings fast relief to Hoopsters

After six weeks and 10 games in which they lost in virtually every way possible, the Boston University women’s basketball team finally won on Saturday, beating last-place Towson University, 64-53, in Towson, Md. “We’re relieved,” said BU coach Margaret McKeon. “We thought that it would come a lot sooner than it did, but I’m glad […]