Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Prevention is key to health

In an effort to increase public awareness of public health issues, legislators and public health advocates gathered at the State House yesterday for Public Health Visibility Day. The event, which was sponsored by the Massachusetts Public Health Association, consisted of a number of speakers and a roomful of public health exhibit booths set up by […]

Union set to debut housing help on Web

The residence life committee unveiled the online debut of Back Door — a student-opinion based report of all Boston University residences — to the Student Union Senate at last night’s meeting in the Photonics Center. Two years in the making, the Back Door website gives detailed accounts on all BU residences. The site includes both […]

Police break up house parties, file charges

The following reports were taken from this week’s Allston-Brighton District 14 crime logs. Several people were arrested early Sunday morning after Allston-Brighton Police responded to a loud party at 84 Allston St. According to the crime report, police took into possession two kegs of beer, including one keg tap with the label “Boston University College […]

Scoping out the territory

Are we alone in the universe? That’s what scientists at Harvard University are trying to find out with a new telescope designed to search for messages from aliens. The 72-inch Optical SETI Telescope, developed by Harvard Physics professor Paul Horowitz, will look for messages from stars that are sent in pulses of laser light. SETI […]

New space program puts students at ground zero.

Climbing and descending in NASA’s KC-135A jet, experiencing weightlessness and getting a behind-the-scenes look at science, students from around the country this month will converge at the Johnson Space Center in Houston for a unique look into outer-space experimentation. About 48 teams of college students will participate in the Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program, […]