Monday, July 28, 2014
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Remembering Jeffrey

With luck, no parent will ever again have to endure the loss of a child the way Robert Curley had to three and a half years ago when his son, Jeffery, was brutally murdered. But Mr. Curley is not trusting luck to prevent the rape and murder of children; he decided that hard work will […]

PDAs too tempting

Every student has heard it before: “Please clear your desks, except for your pencils.” There is no good reason in this electronic age to change this old standby to “Except for your pencils and PDAs.” With more and more colleges each year requiring their freshmen to add a laptop to their school shopping list, digital […]

Pot shots not appreciated

After reading the distorted viewpoint expressed in the Perspective by CAS Forum President Simon Laing (“Lessons for the teachers” Feb. 9), I feel chagrined that someone with such a cynical outlook on the University at which he studies should be one of the student leaders. Teaching Fellows are underpaid?!? They receive free tuition, worth roughly […]

Sushi is important to culture, nutrition

I have read several of Denise Spellman’s columns in the Free Press before. On occasion, I asked myself is she was merely poking fun at her subject by writing in the absurd and stereotypical manner that she does. However, after reading “Drop the chopsticks and bag a burger” (Feb. 9), I was more offended than […]

Coffee everyone?

Imagine this: a BU grad is on a business trip in the Bahamas when he runs into a lady. After four martini sours (shaken not stirred) they slur into the topic of college. It turns out Heather went to college with Jordan and they lived in Rich Hall the same year. The irony of the […]