Friday, April 18, 2014
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The real Quinne Leyden stands up

Now I’ve never claimed to be a bastion of self-knowledge, but I did think I had some sort of grasp on who I am and what my personality is like, more or less. Much to my dismay, this delusion was mercilessly shattered last week. A friend, who shall remain nameless, got me started on a […]

Church vows to stay strong

More than a week after swastikas were twice drawn on signs intended to welcome gays and lesbians to the First Parish of Sudbury, community reaction remains strong. “Everyone has been absolutely stunned and outraged that this would happen in Sudbury,” said town manager Maureen Valente. “We will not dismiss it as a simple childish prank. […]

Patients turn to Internet for solutions

When Samantha Jane Scolamiero learned in 1990 that she had a benign brain cyst, she wanted information. But her doctors had little time to talk. She told fellow panelists at a conference on health care and the Internet on Friday in the Marriott Copley Place Hotel that doctors didn’t present all treatment options or take […]

Olson calls on church to reach out, involve to blacks

In honor of Black History Month, Rev. David Carl Olson spoke at the Community Church of Boston yesterday on the issues of racism and radicalism, emphasizing the need to give equality to blacks. Self-proclaimed radicals of all ages filled the makeshift church, which was adorned with paintings and murals depicting peace, equality and justice. While […]

No do-overs with death

Peter Limone walked free last month after spending 33 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Limone was convicted in 1967 of the murder of Edward Deegan, partly due to FBI corruption. The bureau had apparently framed him to protect an informant who had actually murdered Deegan. Peter Limone spent four of […]