Friday, April 18, 2014
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A challenge over choice

In an effort to bring finality to the debate over a woman’s rights to choose, the Women’s Center challenges members of the pro-life contingency at Boston University to a winner-take-all battle to determine moral superiority. We have decided the best way to bring an end to this on-going debate is through a game of strength, […]

‘Shadow’ transforms Defoe

“Shadow of the Vampire,” in all likelihood, being the first and last quasi-mockumentary black comedy that suggests a German Expressionist horror classic; is, in actuality, a snuff film. Got that? Regardless of genre, “Shadow of the Vampire” is a thoughtful and, at times, laugh-out-loud meditation on filmmaking. On the surface, “Shadow of the Vampire” is […]

Go Grant

This is in response toward the recent attacks made on Grant Myers. One of the most fundamental and difficult tasks for a columnist is to have people consistently read their column and generate a response from it. A columnist who is not able to do that is in my opinion not a very good one. […]

Spicy squad not so sugary

If there were a high road and a low road in the small world of cheerleading movies, this summer’s “Bring it On” might serve as a prime example of the high road. On the other hand, this month’s New Line Cinema release of “Sugar and Spice” would easily be the low road. Granted, few people […]

Yay Grant

In his letter to the editor (“Myers ripped” Jan. 30), Eric Werner revealed his dislike for Grant Myers. I respect Eric’s opinions, but would like to say simply that the big reason for me to get hold of a copy of The Daily Free Press is its weekly columnists; amongst those, Grant Myers was and […]