Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Study abroad program thriving as application process begins

As application deadlines for summer and fall study abroad programs draws near, more and more students are applying for the chance to pursue their education in different countries, according to Joseph Finkhouse, the executive director of Boston University’s International Programs. “We’ve seen a steady increase in students studying abroad over the past year,” Finkhouse said. […]

Too much of a good thing?

Put down that handful of Flintstone vitamins. According to reports by the Institute of Medicine, you can have too much of a good thing. Vitamins, commonly thought of in terms of the-more-the-better; a safe way to sidestep the common cold and keep skin glowing, can actually be dangerous in high quantities. For example, consuming more […]

Male mutilation?

Jim Welt’s article (“Mutilation common in Third World” Jan. 23) said, “In Egypt, the prepuce of a girl’s clitoris is cut off.” and “It is unknown how often genital mutilation occurs in the United States.” Yet we know that a boy’s prepuce is removed — just like the girls in Egypt — in the United […]

Akouk guilty, to serve at least 40 years

“After being raped, me is someone different than who I was for 18 years. … Just because a year has passed doesn’t mean I don’t see myself in that shower stall being raped.” These words were part of the victim’s impact statement provided on Friday afternoon by the Boston University freshman who was twice raped […]

The return of the nipple king

Well, some conniving, some champagne and a black cocktail dress later, I have returned as a columnist for the Free Press. Now in all honesty, the conniving was underhanded, the champagne was cheap and the cocktail dress wasn’t very flattering on me — and in fact much more effective when Denise Spellman does it — […]