Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Legal issues complicate dementia

The most important issue to consider when a person loses the ability to make rational and reasonable decisions is how to protect that person’s wishes as the mind deteriorates, according to a lecture given last night at the Boston Alzheimer’s Center. William Brisk, a leading expert and professional in the field of elder law, delivered […]

Rainer Maria rocks the GSU

Metcalf Hall is usually empty. Last Friday, it was filled with 400 people who had paid a mere $5 to hear Rainer Maria rock the George Sherman Union ballroom along with special guests Engine Down, Faraquet and the Great Collector. The record release show marked the beginning of Rainer Maria’s east coast tour, kicking off […]

Correct approach to internet can eliminate security risks

Mudge knows if he said, “I have a great padlock on my door, but I leave all my windows open,” when speaking of his approach to security, they would look at him like he was crazy. But, the Vice President of Research and Development at @stake Research Company, who doesn’t reveal his given name, said […]

Murphys drop by Cambridge

As any good young man knows (and possibly woman, though I can’t say for sure), there are few things more beautiful in this life than kicking back with the guys, sucking down a few cold ones and getting a bit rowdy. It’s therapeutic. And, crowning these fleeting moments of glee and camaraderie, there is only […]

Redrawing the lines

It is unfortunate that some citizens feel more comfortable only with representatives of the same color or background. In a truly just world, districts would elect the most qualified politician, with no regard to anything but their intent to advocate the interests of the constituency. Boston is far from a perfect world, though, and we […]