Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Students find internships on Web

As internships become increasingly more important to post-college jobs, students often search high and low to find an opportunity to their liking. However, according to some Boston University students, the best place to look may be at their finger tips. “I think if anybody is looking for a job right now, the first thing they […]

Council President Yancey announces committees

Boston City Council President Charles C. Yancey yesterday announced his committee choices for this year to a group of council staff at City Hall. “I ask three questions [before making appointments]. First, what is best for the city, second what is best for the city council as a whole” and lastly what the councilors express […]

The truth about brain cancer and cell phones

One-hundred and seven million wireless Americans can rest assured, cellular phones don’t cause cancer. That is, according to a 4-year study completed by the National Cancer Institute this month. Researchers found no evidence that the risk for developing a brain tumor was higher among people who used cell phones an hour or more every day, […]

Skin cancer still a danger in the winter

Break out the visors and put on the sunblock. It may be winter in cloudy, snow-sprinkled Boston, however, these conditions may put people at risk for skin cancer, according to a consultant at the American Cancer Society. According to Randall, a cancer information specialist, who declined to give his last name due to society safety […]

Ashcroft does not deserve attacks

n It is easy for Bush voters to defend his choice for attorney general, by crying about character assassination and the like. What angers me is how most of the people doing the crying do not seem to realize how easily the tables would be turned if Gore had won the election instead of Bush. […]