Friday, August 1, 2014
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Bush has moved past the election

I am writing in response to Grant Myers’ Perspective, “The future of our country is a laughing matter” (Jan. 26). Grant, you stated in your article “it will take at least two years (and depending on how the press’ recount of the ballots turns out, maybe more) for people to stop talking about it and […]

Gotta keep ‘em separated

President George Bush may have made a campaign promise to mobilize the “armies of compassion,” but one has to wonder if this army will fight for or against the ideals of the nation. Bush’s initiative to support religious social ministry from the White House is either an affront to the common sense of all citizens […]

Take heed with AIDS aid

The announcement made by Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) that the Department of Health and Human Services would expand services to cover eligible Massachusetts HIV patients is both laudable and lamentable. The efforts of lobby groups have paid off: HIV patients will now receive more of the medical services that reduce the complications and symptoms associated […]

Boys: don’t chase mean girls

This is in response to Pat Casey’s Perspective (“The truth about jerks and mean girls” Jan. 25.) Yes, some girls will use a love-sappy guy to ferry them across town for a silly appointment. Are all girls getting away with this, or just the few very pretty, popular, apparently sexy girls who have so many […]

Speakers rethink movements of the Sixties

Leaning away from the “peace, love and understanding” notion of the hippie movement, a panel of former Boston University graduate students dissected the artistic and intellectual revolutions of the 1960s last night. The American and New England Studies Program held an informal panel discussion last night, entitled “Rethinking the Sixties.” The discussion, held in the […]