Saturday, July 26, 2014
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Schnabel’s “Night” falls short

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but how many words is a picture worth when it’s more than two hours long? Apparently quite a few, since under some of the long, though beautiful visuals are lengthy excerpts from the work of Reinaldo Arenas, a writer, poet, and homosexual Cuban exile […]

Nomination offensive

President-elect Bush may or may not have earned the right to serve as president of the United States, but without dispute he will be inaugurated this Saturday with the goal of uniting a nation divided along the lines of political loyalties. Bipartisanship and unity are the banners he flies highest in his effort to enlist […]

Costner only fault of “Days”

“Thirteen Days” is serious, suspenseful, and smart. Seen through the eyes of Kenneth O’Donnell, a trusted presidential aide played by Kevin Costner, we view the Cuban Missile Crisis as a nerve-frying mountain of chaos. We also see President John Kennedy (Bruce Greenwood, “Disturbing Behavior”) not as the sturdy speaker with which we are familiar, but […]

Teaching goals off

In his State of the State address given last night in Worcester, Gov. Paul Cellucci outlined future initiatives to further develop the educational system in Massachusetts. Above all other factors, Cellucci focused on the significance of teachers, but his ideas for good teaching were not in line with what actually goes on in the classroom. […]

‘Bridget Jones’ worth the giggles

“128 lbs. (good), alcohol units 0 (excellent), cigarettes 5 (a pleasant, healthy number), no. times driven past Mark Darcy’s house 2 (v.g.), no. of times looked up Mark Darcy’s name in phone book to prove still exists 18 (v.g.), 1471 calls 12 (better), no. of phone calls from Mark 0 (tragic).” No more “Dear Diary.” […]