Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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WHITING: Unfit for survival

I’m going to fail.

Now usually when I say that, people scoff and mock me, assuming I mean I’ll get a B, which they take to be near failing for me given my apparently incredibly high standards. I may look the part of “good student” &- always “studying” on my laptop computer, wearing glasses, books and newspapers surrounding me. But trust me this time: I’m in actual, grave danger of not passing my science requirement.

BERICK: What your water says about you

One hundred or maybe 200 years from now, the social scientists on the cutting edge will be excavating Facebook photographs with the most careful of techniques. It will take special technology to navigate the ancient online territories, but they will find in the background of a photograph, what looks like a convenience store. The aisles will look quaint, the products antique. Someone with careful eyes will find a logo; City Convenience. I think this every time I walk in to a City or Campus Convenience store, both owned by local parent company 660 Corporation.

SONI: Sovereign space: a novel idea

The year is 2012, and the U.S. government has allowed the private corporation Aventura Group to spearhead a multi-trillion dollar mission to research the possibility of asteroid mining in space. No, it’s not some crappy John Cusack movie, it is the premise of my political science fiction novel.

METCALF: Sexlympics

Did you hear that organizers at the Vancouver Olympics distributed 100,000 condoms throughout the Olympic village? That’s right, organizers in Vancouver are continuing a tradition that started in Barcelona in 1992 to provide athletes with the rubbery supplies. You may ask yourself, why so many condoms? Well, there are 2,620 athletes competing in the games, so that works out to about 38 condoms per athlete. However, some volunteers and paralympians are also living in the village. That ups the number to around 6,000 potential sexual participants, or about 16 condoms per person. Hopefully it’s enough.

WHITING: The repercussions of handheld calorie-counting

While getting dressed a few days ago, I was dismayed to find that I had ripped yet another pair of jeans. I’m unsure as to how it happened, but I now have to hit the stores to find a new pair. Shopping for jeans is such a task; they have to have the best inseam and just the right color or else my entire wardrobe will be ruined. The search, therefore, is not a quick one. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is, of course, very important.