Friday, August 1, 2014
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METCALF: Health care, a victory for students

Policy played out in front of the people is never pretty. Anyone following the health care debate can attest to that. The Republicans have turned into nonsensical attack dogs, barking at any shadow of Democratic weakness. The large Democratic majority put the bill together, but wavered in the face of public anger and apparent disapproval.

SONI: Televised war: What is it good for?

On a lazy Sunday evening after a day at work, I went over to a friend’s place to chill out and watch the second episode of the new HBO miniseries, “The Pacific.” I wanted an entertaining yet introspective view on the trials of the United States troops fighting against the Japanese in World War II. Instead, what I got was 50 minutes of slaughter and contrived camaraderie.

WHITING: No sleep ’til summer says it’s going to be a little groggier out today than we’re now used to. Indeed, the moody climate enjoys playing tricks on us Bostonians. On top of that, I’m suffering through the repercussions of pulling one too many all-nighters this past week, so the clustering clouds mauling my weekend’s pristinely blue sky are looking particularly melancholy, and I’d really like to just go back to bed.

FENG: The health of nations

Consider the following &- you give a homeless person some spare change. What motivated you to do so? Was it so you could sleep well that night, knowing that you did something good during the day? Or was it because you hold firmly onto the ideology that one should always give to the poor? If you answered positively to the former, you’re a very self-centered person. If you answered to the latter, why are you still reading? You should be giving all you have to the poor.

BERICK: The town and the city

My friend Joanna says “Come on, we’re late,’ and encourages me out the door. In her hand she holds her key chain as we head to breakfast. She is not wearing a coat. She does not have her cell phone. Joanna is a senior at her college and gets pancakes and fresh fruit every morning about a minute and thirty seconds from her door, which she does not lock. Joanna lives on a small residential campus in California and sometimes I am jealous.