Friday, April 18, 2014
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LETTER: Support for Seidel

As an alumnus who was recently involved in academic affairs and student activities at Boston University, I am disappointed in the recent reaction to the events at the last BU Student Union meeting.

LETTER: Union president apologizes

At the last General Assembly meeting, there were multiple proposals going up to a vote. Among them was a plan to help fix the potential problems in the College of Arts and Sciences class registration system, which Anant Shukla and others have worked on by discussing the issue with administrators and students.

LETTER: Union integrity questioned

I am not one to typically agree with The Daily Free Press when it comes to its criticisms of the Boston University Student Union.

LETTER: Stop blaming Union

Here’s a thought: Instead of blindly accepting administration rationale for opposing an amnesty policy, why don’t you advocate for change? Why not offer to help the Boston University Student Union garner support for something which very realistically could save student lives?

LETTER: Cyrus must apologize

Miley Cyrus has drawn the ire of Asian-American interest groups like the Organization of Chinese Americans and the Japanese American Citizens League for her inappropriate slant-eye poses, but what’s most disappointing is the lack of anger from any other groups.