The new Boston-based website RideGuru offers a platform for people looking to compare fare prices between ride-hailing services and cabs. PHOTO COURTESY RIDEGURU/ UNLEASHED

RideGuru: A global ride-hailing comparison that’s here to stay

It’s 12:11 a.m., the T just shut down, and the all-too-familiar question beckons: How do I get home? For Boston students, the struggle to determine which ride-hailing service to use is a common one. During those late nights in Allston, no one likes calculating whether Lyft or Uber is the cheaper option to get back home. RideGuru works to make […]

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Boston-based startup Learnlux is an online service for millennials to learn personal finance. PHOTO COURTESY LEARNLUX

LearnLux makes financial literacy possible among millennials

Many millennials may find tasks such as paying off student loans or investing for the first time as perplexing as hieroglyphics. Finance can seem foreign and all too confusing. LearnLux, a Boston-based startup, is working to make financial literacy accessible, “built by millennials, for millennials,” according to their slogan. And it just might be the Rosetta Stone for the millennial […]

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Grubhub is expanding in Boston to deliver food from restaurants such as Fin’s in Kenmore Square and Trident Booksellers and Cafe on Newbury Street. PHOTO BY MADDIE MALHOTRA/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Boston gets a taste of Grubhub

From the comfort of our beds, we can enjoy authentic North End Italian and classic favorites from Commonwealth Avenue, thanks to Grubhub. Taking on hundreds of locally loved restaurants in the hub, the food delivery system is expanding in Boston. Launched in 2004, Grubhub is one of the nation’s leading mobile and online takeout delivery apps. It allows the customer […]

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Alfie is a financial tech startup that aims to make financing education easier for students. PHOTO COURTESY JUSTIN KNIGHT

Alfie aims to “unlock the human potential” through alternative solution to student debt

Despite the efforts of universities and the government to provide financial aid and student loans, student debt remains a growing national crisis. Alfie, the Alternative Finance in Education, a startup based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, looks to reduce the weight of this problem. Alfie is one of the 17 startups that participated in this summer’s Delta V startup […]

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The “Real” app allows users to connect with compatible people nearby with no gender bias or sexual pretense. PHOTO BY JUSTIN HAWK/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

It’s like Tinder, but only for platonic relationships

What if we began to swipe right on personality, instead of on pictures? While applications like Tinder and Bumble dominate the digital social scene, 19-year-old entrepreneur Ocean Pleasant said she believes creating long-lasting connections should be about more than just passion surrounding physical appearance. At a place as large as Boston University, however, it is easy to resort to superficial […]

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Savanna Tavakoli, a junior in the College of Communication, was one of two people chosen to be a Polyvore community correspondent at New York Fashion Week. PHOTO COURTESY POLYVORE

TERRIERS INBIZ: Meet the Boston University junior who reported from NYFW runway

Fifty — that’s how many internships 21-year-old Savanna Tavakoli applied for before she landed an internship at Cosmopolitan and Seventeen Magazine, two highly respected women’s fashion magazines. Last weekend, the Boston University College of Communication junior found even more success at New York Fashion Week, where she worked as a community correspondent for the popular shopping site Polyvore. Selected from […]

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The Boston Burger Company is launching the startup Burgabox, a new food delivery service in Boston. PHOTO COURTESY BOSTON BURGER COMPANY

Boston Burger Co. startup “BurgaBox” gives consumers a cheat day in a box

There’s nothing quite like a home-cooked “cheat meal.” Who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese or a juicy burger? However, sometimes going out to the local food market isn’t possible with busy schedules and hectic work weeks. For the cooks who don’t have time to grocery shop, but still want to whip up food for the indulgent soul, BurgaBox is here to help […]

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Grace Xiao, recipient of the $100,000 Thiel grant fellow from Harvard, dropped out of Harvard to found Kynplex, a company that consolidates scientific information for easier collaboration between labs. PHOTO COURTESY GRACE XIAO

Former Harvard undergrad creates social network for science

In the midst of a world mediated by Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, a new social networking platform has arisen — this time, geared specifically toward scientists. Kynplex is a startup co-founded by Grace Xiao and Raul Jordan, former Harvard University undergraduates, to facilitate scientific communication and provide accurate updates on the latest scientific developments. Xiao and Jordan came up with […]

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Co-founders Dan Roland and Cole Dillon’s new app, Rezzit21, will allow users to make restaurant reservations based on new advancements in “Intuitive Table Management.” PHOTO COURTESY COLE DILLON

Rezzit21 offers reservation personalization, one-stop restaurant management system

Change in the restaurant business is often a slow, grueling process. Throughout the years, the process of making reservations has, for the most part, remained the same. But Rezzit21, a new startup based in Boston, is looking to make waves in an industry stuck in its old habits. The platform, which is slated to launch in May at the National […]

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Scott Kirsner, a 1993 alumnus of the College of Communication, speaks at the TEDxBeaconStreet event last year. PHOTO COURTESY SCOTT KIRSNER

TERRIERS INBIZ: Scott Kirsner on journalism, evolving technology

Terriers InBiz is a series that highlights Boston University alumni who have been innovative leaders in their field and have played a significant role in businesses, locally or globally. Journalism and technology are the two of Scott Kirsner’s predilections. He “was lucky to be born at the right time,” he said, as his graduation in 1993 from Boston University’s College […]

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