Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Textbook blues: Econ professor’s take on “the textbook cartel,” rising prices

While some economists specialize in bonds or Social Security, Mark Perry, a University of Michigan–Flint professor of economics and scholar at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., focuses on something more relatable: the ever-rising price of college textbooks. “I see the textbook prices in the bookstore when I go through there and I’ve been […]

Textbook blues: Students struggle to find alternatives to Barnes & Noble

  As students settle into their new schedules, they also face the bi-annual torture of emptying their wallets for a fresh set of textbooks. With the price of textbooks creeping up to record highs, students are looking for ways to save money this spring. The price of textbooks has increased more than 69 percent in […]

On Site:

Originally published in Orientation 1999 Ecampus, esucks. Despite thousands of dollars spent on advertisements and promotions, the site lacks substance. Open since early July, the site promotes itself as the place for poverty-stricken students looking fo ra good deal on products like books, clothes and electronics. The reality is that the pickings are slim […]

Boston Startups Find Success

If you’re a 21+ college student in Boston, you know what a typical weekend night downtown looks like. Each bar and club has a long, tedious line. From Avalon to JJ Foley’s to Ned Devine’s, there are lengthy lines full of people trying to get in. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll get […]

Big Money, Small Business

According to Reuters, the Obama administration wants Congress to enact or expand tax breaks for small businesses and remove barriers to start-ups, the ideas he proposed over the last year and which will feature in his 2013 budget next month.