Fenway restaurants prepare for an influx in customers this weekend due to the Polartec Big Air at Fenway Thursday and Friday. PHOTO BY KELSEY CRONIN/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Fenway restaurants open doors to Big Air spectators

As Olympic world champion skiers and snowboarders prepare to launch off of a 140-foot-high ramp built for the Polartec Big Air games at Fenway Park, local businesses and bars in the area are preparing for the event with a more ground-level approach. Thousands of people will be flocking to Fenway Park this Thursday and Friday to watch athletes from around […]

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Bike & Build, an independent nonprofit organization is preparing for a cross-country trip in May where participants will help provide affordable housing for those in need. ILLUSTRATION BY JACQUELYN BUSICK/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Bike and Build, good souls cycle for affordable housing

This summer, two Boston University students and an alumnus will partake in an adventure of a lifetime: biking across the country to provide affordable housing opportunities to those in need. William Dean, Jade Cooper and Adriel Klein are all participating in Bike and Build, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit that, according to its website, “empowers young adults for a lifetime of service […]

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MealPass, a weekday dining service, creates a network for members to eat lunch at more than 50 restaurants in Downtown Boston for a monthly membership fee. PHOTO COURTESY MEALPASS

Boston’s young, working professionals offered city’s best food with MealPass

For Mary Biggins, a business model that benefits both its partners and customers is nothing new. She is the co-founder of ClassPass, a service that provides gym classes at various gyms and studios around cities for a flat monthly fee. Her newest business model, similarly, delves into a mutually beneficial structure of business. MealPass is a weekday dining service that […]

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GroupRaise, a startup that connects restaurants and local colleges, donates 15 to 55 percent of its sales from events to charitable causes. PHOTO BY ABIGAIL FREEMAN/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

GroupRaise partners with restaurants to make change over dinner

While many students either frequent the dining halls or cook up delectable dishes at home for their meals, most would agree that it doesn’t hurt to go out for a nice meal every once in a while. Now, there’s one less reason to feel guilty when doing so, thanks to GroupRaise. GroupRaise is an online startup that helps restaurants connect […]

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CliqBit, a new social media app created by two Wellesley College sophomores, provides a “platform for sharing the brief, and funny moments that make up our lives,” according their website. ILLUSTRATION BY NICOLAS TEPPER/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

CliqBit startup allows users to share humorous snippets

For CliqBit co-founders, Olivia Joslin and Hannah Wei, the idea emerged from an embarrassing, but also humorous, accident. “Hannah and I were on our icy campus in the middle of last winter and she slipped and fell down in front of the only cute guy on our women’s college campus … I was trying to open my Snapchat to get […]

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Kate Hackett, CAS ’06, is the star and creator of “Classic Alice” a YouTube web series and new app that utilizes cross-media storytelling to follow the literary adventures of Alice Rackham. PHOTO COURTESY KATE HACKETT

TERRIERS INBIZ: “Classic Alice” creator shares timeless novels through social platforms

Terriers InBiz is a series that highlights Boston University alumni who have been innovative leaders in their field and have played a significant role in businesses, locally or globally. For many literary aficionados, fantasies about living the life of a character are not uncommon. Boston University alum Kate Hackett devised one such persona that does exactly that through her YouTube […]

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Zip: The Question Answer App which allows users to anonymously ask and answer polls, has become increasingly popular during the 2016 presidential election. ILLUSTRATION BY ABIGAIL FREEMAN

New app “Zip” whips users into political shape

With the presidential race gaining speed and primaries looming over the country, political issues have infiltrated the minds of many. Now, it can be on their phones too. Zip, a question answer app, also known as the “Google of Opinions,” gives users an anonymous opportunity to see what others think of candidates and see answers to questions like whether or […]

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Adam Wescott, COM ’06, is the CEO and co-founder of Select Management Group and manages 12 of the top 25 most popular YouTube stars. PHOTO COURTESY ADAM WESCOTT

TERRIERS INBIZ: Adam Wescott, manager to the YouTube stars

Terriers InBiz is a series that highlights Boston University alumni who have been innovative leaders in their field and have played a significant role in businesses, locally or globally. When the digital age first came into the entertainment industry, YouTube was a site known for cat videos and a biting Charlie. Now — almost 11 years later — the video […]

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Boston University alumni Frederick Townes, CAS ’01 and Matthew Barba, SMG ’09, were both featured on the 2016 Forbes 30 under 30 list. PHOTO COURTESY PLACESTER

TERRIERS INBIZ: BU alumni decorate Forbes’ 30 under 30 list

Terriers InBiz is a series that highlights Boston University alumni who have been innovative leaders in their field and have played a significant role in businesses, locally or globally. From her early college days working under the former ambassador of Tanzania, Alexandria Lafci showed interest in international affairs, land reform and making a global impact through leadership and education. Matt […]

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Daniele Bocchieri and Nikolai Romanov, Northeastern University students, started “Sapori Pinocchios,” a business that allows them to ride around their campus and downtown Boston on bikes delivering and selling Italian pastries from the North End. PHOTO BY OLIVIA NADEL/DFP FILE PHOTO

Italian treats to be delivered across city via student bicycle business

The mecca for authentic Italian food in Boston lies in the North End, often called “Boston’s Little Italy.” Daniele Bocchieri, a sophomore at Northeastern University hailing from Milan, Italy, knows this to be true more than most. “I was constantly looking for Italian food,” Bocchieri said about his arrival in Boston, “but the only way to get an Italian taste […]

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