Cove, a start-up based in Washington, D.C. will open in Boston this year, offering customers a paid subscription to rooms used as productivity spaces. PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY SARAH SILBIGER/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

In Cove, a home away from home away from home

The workspace can be an underappreciated player when it comes to productivity. Often times, productivity lapses are blamed on internal motivational levels and an inability to silence psychological distractions, but according to a paper published by the International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, approximately 86 percent of productivity problems relate to a poor work environment. Everything from a lack of window space to […]

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Boston University teams placed third and fifth in the 2015 CME Group Trading Challenge. GRAPHIC BY SHIVANI PATEL/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

BU trading teams see return on investment of time, spirit

Two Boston University teams traded hard work for success in the 12th annual CME Group Trading Challenge on March 9, where they competed as one of over 500 teams from 226 universities worldwide. Now, with prizes and bragging rights in hand, they’re headed to Chicago to attend the group’s invitation-only Market Education Conference. The two BU teams of School of Management Students, “Big Hero […]

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Rory Cuddyer is heading Boston’s StartHub initiative to support start-ups in the city. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE CITY OF BOSTON

StartHub boss’s business starts with Boston business

Boston is the start-up community’s new Petri dish. The many successful students and companies that make up the city of Boston already provide for an environment designed for start-up innovation, and now, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh has added his bit to the mix. Enter StartHub, the entrepreneurship program that’s aiming to be local start-ups’ connection to City Hall. Walsh has […]

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Chantal Noble Haldorsen is an area finance manager for EMC Corporation and vice president of a chapter of the company’s Women’s Leadership Forum. PHOTO COURTESY OF CHANTAL NOBLE HALDORSEN

INTERVIEW: EMC’s Haldorsen on helping others up the ladder

In the five years since her graduation from Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences, Chantal Noble Haldorsen has made significant strides in both operations and financial management. Scoring a job at EMC Corporation directly out of college, she started out as an analyst working long hours in the company’s Hopkinton headquarters. The Daily Free Press spoke to Haldorsen about […]

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Local businessman Chad Ellis will open an indoor center this summer using a concept from Sweden called Boda Borg, an obstacle course and puzzle-solving challenge. PHOTO COURTESY OF BODA BORG

Swedish “questing” company Boda Borg sweeps to western shore

If you’ve ever wanted to experience a video game in real life, your chance is approaching. This summer, Brookline entrepreneur Chad Ellis will open up Boda Borg Boston, an indoor “questing” center that combines puzzle solving with a range of obstacle courses. A “quest” entails a series of two to five challenges, each of which takes place in its own […]

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Thync, founded by Isy Goldwasser (right) and Jamie Tyler, created a device to tune its wearer's mood with electric shocks. PHOTO COURTESY OF THYNC

Boston tech company Thync zaps life into R&D transparency

Hiding the inner workings of a developing product is often common practice within the world of tech-based businesses, but Thync decided to change the game. Thync, a Boston-based technology and science company, has made the bold decision to reveal the magic behind its newest product, a wearable device that adjusts the user’s mood. Jamie Tyler, Thync’s chief science officer and […]

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Tracey Wielinski is the vice president of Global Regulatory and Clinical Affairs at Insulet Corporation, which makes insulin pumps. PHOTO COURTESY OF TRACEY WIELINSKI

Insulet VP Wielinski on sugar, advice, ensuring safe device

How do you succeed in business without really trying? It’s a myth. According to Tracey Wielinski, the key to success in business is finding the perfect balance between work and life. As Insulet Corporation’s Vice President of Global Regulatory/Clinical Affairs and Quality Assurance, she has a lot of valuable experience dealing with the medical device production industry, as well as […]

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After plans were delayed for building the Constellation Center, a $300-million performing arts center in Kendall Square, property owner Glenn KnicKrehm plans to create a temporary park in its place. GRAPHIC COURTESY OF GLENN KNICKREHM

Pop-up park sets stage for nascent Kendall Square arts center 

The concept of a “pop-up park” sounds like a stunt Leslie Knope would pull in “Parks and Recreation,” but very soon will be an addition in Cambridge. Glenn KnicKrehm, owner of an acre of property in Cambridge’s Kendall Square, recently announced his plans to build a temporary park on the land that will one day be home to a state-of-the-art […]

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Rick Jakious, the chief executive officer of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, speaks at the 2014 Nonprofit Awareness Day. Jakious expressed concerns that the 2024 Boston Olympics could divert money from local nonprofits. PHOTO COURTESY OF RICK JAKIOUS

Boston Olympics could leave less gold for area nonprofits

As the possibility of hosting the Summer 2024 Olympics looms over Boston, not everyone is excited for the hundreds of thousands of tourists that could be drawn to the city and the costs of the biennial mega-event. “It is a concern because there’s only so many dollars to go around,” said Kelley Gossett, a co-chair of the organization No Boston […]

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The RadioShack on Commonwealth Avenue is one of 1,784 stores the company will be closing. PHOTO BY BRIAN SONG/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Death of a Sales Floor: RadioShack faces bankruptcy, 1,784 closures

In 1921, RadioShack first opened its doors in downtown Boston, serving radio operators of Boston Harbor ships. Now, after expanding to over 4,000 locations nationwide, the electronics retailer is jumping ship, filing for bankruptcy and leaving the “cause of death” question floating among American consumers. RadioShack was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange on Feb. 2, shortly after lender […]

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