Friday, April 18, 2014
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Failure of a Lifetime

How far is too far in television and entertainment? There’s great debate over violence and other explicit content in general media, but sometimes the line being crossed is not as obvious as nudity or bloodshed.

Spring Fever

Boston blooms in the spring, and in the warm weather lull between now and finals, there’s no better time to get off campus, hop on your bike or the T and explore the city with friends.

Goldfrapp dives in Head First

On its 2008 album Seventh Tree, British duo Goldfrapp ditched its trademark electro-glam-pop for an organic &-&- if not whimsical &-&- folk-inspired sound. It was an interesting change of pace, but made for dreary listening from a band that helmed such stompers as “Ooh La La” and “Strict Machine.” Crying at the disco, indeed! Well, […]

Warm weather appetites

Oh! The buds are creeping into bloom, midriffs are bared and Newbury Street is about as congested as a sinus infection. A hungry and thirsty wanderer may be in danger of being trampled by girls in long dresses and platforms, so below are some ways to hit the spot when impending warm weather graces us with its presence.

Undercover television: The best shows you’ve never seen

With the same shows dominating ratings week after week, it’s hard to remember that something else is out there. Television should have variety, and while the top dog shows tend to overshadow lesser-known alternatives, it’s important to broaden your viewing horizons. Here are a few shows flying under the radar that I think merit a closer look.