Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Not just one-dimensional

Umphrey’s McGee is often dismissed as merely a technically flashy group that offers incredible musicianship but not much soul, and at times it’s hard to argue with that assessment.

Messenger of folk

Joe Pug, a Chicago-based alternative folk singer/songwriter, will showcase his first full-length album, Messenger, tonight at Great Scott in Allston. Released February 16th, Messenger offers a variety of sounds and styles, connected by subtleness, soulfulness and sincerity.

Cage the Elephant stampedes into Paradise

In 2005, Matthew Schultz found himself stuck in Bowling Green, Ky. He claimed “it was the kind of place where if you didn’t play football, or you were a little bit different, people thought you were gay.” Schultz, not wanting to hopelessly become a product of his environment, quit his high school football team and started the rock band Cage the Elephant.

NBC reloads after Winter Olympics

All eyes are on NBC this week as the previously struggling network is given a second chance. Weeks of Olympic coverage bolstered the network’s ratings temporarily, but with the closing ceremonies behind us, there have been rumors and promises of new shows on the horizon.

For your viewing pleasure?

Three-dimensional television once seemed like a science fiction fantasy. Now, it’s not too far off from becoming reality. The advance is leaving some futurists seeing stars, but will the extra expenses and equipment just leave others seeing red?