Friday, April 18, 2014
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Study reveals decline in food quality due to rising carbon dioxide levels in atmosphere

As warnings about climate change are becoming increasingly dire, scientists now believe that the quality of our food is at risk due to the spread of greenhouse gases. Scientists at the University of California-Davis, carried out a wheat-field study and found that high levels of carbon dioxide prevents the conversion of nitrate into proteins in […]

MIT researchers show that particles in sneezes, coughs travel farther than expected

After a prolonged and chilling winter, there’s no better sight than that of flowers on that tree outside of your window starting to bloom. Yet for many, there’s a downside to this otherwise welcome vision: With that blooming comes inevitable allergy attacks from airborne pollen, and with those allergy attacks comes coughs and sneezes. But […]

Arguing over argumentation: BC survey finds science teachers wary of students’ abilities, standardizeds tests

Just like many other important fields these days, the nature of education is changing. Teachers and students alike are discovering new challenges to creating the best possible classroom experience. Those challenges are just as prevalent in science classes, and researchers have identified two of the major hiccups in science classrooms: firstly, the teachers’ perception of […]

Dire warnings about climate change increase in frequency

Climate change is a phrase we have all heard and are likely to hear again. Now, it’s not just the usual warnings of higher temperatures or melting ice caps. Two different reports both ring alarm bells and warn of dire consequences in the not-too-distant-future stemming from climate change. The United Nations will release a report […]

BU professors hail evidence of cosmic inflation as ‘most exciting’ astronomical discovery in 15 years

When you hear about the Big Bang, what do you think? Do you worry about having missed last night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory? Well, then you must have had quite a week given that the cosmological event was mentioned everywhere you turned. Last week, a team of researchers from Harvard University called the BICEP2 […]