Science Tuesday

The Hangover Genes

Tips on how to cure that nasty hangover from Marathon Monday. The morning after Patriots’ Day, […]

Fitting into your jeans may be all about genes

According to the World Health Organization, more than one in 10 adults suffers from obesity and […]

A Mental Workout

Research shows that exercise not only helps your body, but your mind as well. Many students […]

Experiments Replace Experience

Researchers may have found a way for people to learn skills . . . without trying […]

The Search for Immortality

Researchers may have found a protein that can extend the lifespan of mammals. During ancient times, […]

Lose Weight With Your Brain

Scientists target a new part of the body to combat weight loss. Weight loss is an […]

From Mind Researchers to Mind Readers

Scientists believe they may finally have found a way to read minds. From psychics on the […]

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Sex at the Zoo

A lecture at the Franklin Park Zoo Explores Sex in the Wild. Visiting the zoo as […]

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She’s Such A Pain

A new study shows that women feel pain more intensely than men do. From headaches, to […]

The Future Is Crystal Clear

Scientists defy the laws of nature by creating quasicrystals, an innovation that won a Nobel Prize […]