Science Tuesday

Actively avoiding activity

Many students will return to school today and wonder if their minds are prepared to undertake […]

What Science Tuesday did on our summer vacation

As we say goodbye for the semester, here’s your summer itinerary for a ‘round-the-world tour of […]

Too much on the mind? You might have a cluttered brain.

Students are masters of multitasking: responding to texts lighting up their cell phones with the TV on, listening to music playing in the background, surfing Facebook pulled up on the computer all while writing a paper. It’s is the way the millennial generation operates. Sure, assignments become increasingly difficult when each sentence is rewarded with a glance at Facebook, but most students can find a way to get these assignments done.

Yet for some, these distractions can be debilitating. This specific inability to focus, according to McGill University neuroscience and physiology professor Julio Martinez-Trujillo, is known as “brain clutter.”

A still more glorious dawn

A still more glorious dawn

In a few facilities around the world, scientists are working on the answer to a question […]

Dislike: Can Facebook cause depression in teens?

Since its inception in 2004, Facebook has become a rat race to popularity – adding friends […]

Dah dah dah is the new blah blah blah

Dah dah dah is the new blah blah blah

The viral video of 17-month-old twins Sam and Ren McEntee chattering away and laughing at each other […]


Myth: March is “in like a lion, out like a lamb.” Result: BUSTED. It’s the typical […]

Hard-hitting science

Former NHL forward Robert Probert was a tough guy. The Detroit Redwings and Chicago Blackhawks star […]

Planet Earth

Science Tuesday examines three of the most mind-blowing recent developments in Earth science and physics

Evacuate the Dance Floor

MDMA. E. XTC. X. Ecstasy is a drug with many names and a colorful reputation, especially on the dance floor.