Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Miller-Urey experiment redux: Researchers seek origins of life in safer recreation of 1953 study

Put yourself in a world with a harsh, dark, fiery atmosphere. There is no one in sight. Clouds of smoke, chains of lightning and streams of lava cascade across this hellish landscape. The air is hard to breath, toxic and hot. Where are you? Here on Earth, about 3.8 billion years ago. It is these […]

BU study finds shorter alcohol, drug screening forms effective

As college students, we are often exposed to alcohol and drugs. While most students graduate without visible damage from these substances, use might develop underlying harm that could influence their habits later in life. Dr. Richard Saitz, a professor at Boston University’s School of Public Health and School of Medicine, said young people are at […]

While childhood obesity has been on the rise, new research indicates that unhealthy overall diets are more to blame than fast food consumption itself. PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY MAYA DEVEREAUX/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Childhood obesity: Is fast food really to blame?

The rise of the fast food industry has coincided with a rise in American children being overweight and obese, and people often attribute the latter to the former. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill researchers, however, discovered that poor diets outside fast food consumption are more at fault for childhood obesity, according to a study published in […]

Take intensive medication without the needle

MIT researchers discover how medications administered through injections may be taken orally in future treatments of diseases like cancer and diabetes Imagine cancer patients not having to go to the hospital for hours of chemotherapy. What if, instead, they could just take a pill the way most people take ibuprofen when having a headache? Researchers […]

The FreeD: Creativity without compromise

New milling tool developed by MIT researchers may have wide implications in oil, art and medical industries Feeling artsy? Unable to create anything more than stick figures? Well, you just might be able to achieve years of sculpting experience in minutes with a new technology created by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media […]