Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Babysitting jobs: Not just for high schoolers anymore

“Katherine, you can’t do that!” said College of Communication senior Mara Berg, as 4-year-old Katherine reached a hand out toward a windowsill display of empty wine bottles. This is the struggle of a babysitter working out of her dorm room. Across Boston University, students try to find flexible jobs that fit into their schedules, pay […]

Newbury stores celebrate shopping season

The holidays may be the most wonderful time of year, but they can also be the most expensive.  While buying festive presents for the entire family, shoppers empty their wallets and might even lose their holiday cheer along the way. In an attempt to make life more affordable and enjoyable for shoppers, The Newbury Street […]

Asian dance team performs new vision

It’s hard to stand out among the many dance groups within Boston University, but the Unofficial Project dance team has become increasingly recognized in different ways. Beginning in 2005 as a side project for  nine dancers who just wanted to have fun, they decided to make their dancing a more serious collaboration. “[We’re] called Unofficial […]

Splitting sides, not hairs, over competition

With an array of student groups on Boston University’s campus, it is easy for students in every college to find their niché. For students looking to make people laugh, BU’s comedy groups, which strive to maintain their own style while performing various types of comedy, provide many opportunities. From sketch to long-form, BU’s student comics […]

Margarita Diaz: Rallying voters as dedicated Democrat

This is one article in a two-part series profiling a day in the life of a Democrat or Republican on campus. Margarita Diaz represents a student campaigning as a Democrat. While many students made their visits to the poll booths on Tuesday, Boston University student Margarita Diaz experienced Election Day from the lens of a […]