Boston University alumni created “Google Feud,” an online game that allows users to guess the most popular Google autocomplete entries. PHOTO FROM GOOGLE FEUD

Why are headlines in present tense: BU alums play the Feud, search for answers

As if Google autocompletes weren’t already entertaining enough, now there’s a game that manages to go beyond: Google Feud. The brainchild of College of Communication and College of Arts and Sciences graduate Justin Hook, Google Feud is an online game that takes the shape of a Family Feud survey board, with multiple hidden answers that a user guesses to answer […]

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Boston University alternative service break participants take a break during volunteering in Hobe Sound, Florida last week. PHOTO BY MICHAEL DESOCIO/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

To ASB coordinators, vacation not all that’s ever wanted

During spring break, many Boston University students participated in the Community Service Center’s Alternative Service Break trips, where they dedicated their time to volunteering in locations around the United States and Puerto Rico. These trips, despite their service-based goals, have recently drawn a lot of controversy in the media. Critics have referred to these acts of “voluntourism” in negative ways, […]

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Boston University Nutrition Club members make healthy pizza as part of National Nutrition Month. PHOTO COURTESY OF SARAH WU

With ‘healthy pizza,’ BU Nutrition Club makes eating well look easy, cheesy

As spring break comes to an end, summer rapidly approaches and the end-of-semester slump sets in, the Boston University Nutrition Club sees the perfect opportunity to continue its efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle for the entire BU community. Beginning their month-long series of classes and demonstrations in honor of National Nutrition Month, which kicked off at the start of March, […]

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Filipino-American actor Dante Basco speaks at Boston University Friday about Asians in the media. PHOTO BY ALEX MASSET/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Basco talk reveals prejudice but progress in Asian-American Hollywood

The Boston University Filipino Student Association hosted Dante Basco as their guest lecturer on Friday, opening a forum to talk about the intersection of culture and art. Basco, a Filipino-American actor, spoke about the difficulty of being an Asian-American artist and whether or not that difficulty will always exist. Growing up in California as one of four siblings, Basco said […]

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Larry Tish and Ron Jones perform in "The Black-Jew Dialogues," a touring play hosted by Boston Univesity Hillel and Umoja Monday at the College of Arts and Sciences. PHOTO COURTESY OF LARRY TISH

“Black-Jew Dialogues” connects communities through grannies, puppets

What better way to forge connections between two American minorities than through two men dressed up like grandmas squabbling about Jewish comfort and soul food? “The Black-Jew Dialogues,” a touring play featuring Larry Tish and Lou Wilson, brought together various theatric performance techniques on Monday in the College of Arts and Sciences, furthering the never-ending conversation about race and diversity […]

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A Feb. 19 panel spoke about the impacts of the recent injunction on U.S. President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration. GRAPHIC BY KATELYN PILLEY/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

In immigration injunction’s wake, panel looks at those pulled under

In light of U.S. President Barack Obama’s immigration policy woes, Boston University’s School of Law held a panel on Feb. 19 to explore the history of immigration policy in the United States. On Feb. 17, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen in Texas placed an injunction on an executive action that could potentially have given amnesty to millions of undocumented people […]

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Eliza Griswold will present a talk on Afghan folk poetry Friday at Boston University's School of Theology. PHOTO FROM WIKIMEDIA

Afghan poetry talk to address art as escape

Upon hearing of a young woman’s suicide, Eliza Griswold traveled to Afghanistan with photographer Seamus Murphy to cover the story of Rahila Muska and her poems known as landays, “two-line 22-syllable poems … written by Afghan women about anything from love to drones to even sex.” “I worked in Afghanistan for a long time, and I came across these poems,” […]

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Boston University faculty members gathered Wednesday at the Tsai Performance Center for the Spring 2016 Faculty Assembly and listened to reports from BU President Robert Brown, University Provost Jean Morrison and Faculty Council Chair Stephen Brady. PHOTO BY BETSEY GOLDWASSER/DFP FILE PHOTO

Redstones finalists turn production prowess into prodigious projects

Sundance might be over for the year, but there is a new reason for film festival followers to rejoice — Boston University’s very own festival premieres later this month. The Redstones, presented by the College of Communication’s department of film and television, displays feature films created by graduate and undergraduate students in the spring and fall 2014 semester production classes. […]

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"Sex-Ed at Hogwarts,” a seminar as part of Boston University Wellness and Prevention Services' Frisky February, will imagine sexual education inside the curriculum of the famed school of wizardry on Feb. 26 in the College of Arts and Sciences. PHOTO COURTESY OF MARCELLE LOUBACK/FLICKR

“Sex-Ed at Hogwarts” gives insight into students’ chambers of secrets

If you’ve ever wondered why Harry, Ron and Hermione never had to endure awkward but necessary sexual education classes, you’re not alone. “Sex-Ed at Hogwarts,” which will be held on Feb. 26, is just one of more than 15 events Boston University’s Wellness and Prevention Services has planned as part of “Frisky February,” an entire month dedicated to educating students […]

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Tyler Adams, a Boston University School of Management graduate, competed in “The Amazing Race,” which will premiere Feb. 25. PHOTO COURTESY OF TYLER ADAMS

SMG alum talks teamwork in running “The Amazing Race”

When Tyler Adams, a 2010 graduate of the Boston University School of Management, signed up for CBS’s “The Amazing Race,” he prepared himself for a lot of unthinkable situations. There was one, however, that he didn’t plan for: being set up on probably the longest, toughest and most unbelievable blind date of his life. “They were like, ‘Well this season […]

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