Dirty Little Secrets: Active Minds brings PostSecret to BU to help students express anonymous confessions

Anyone walking into Warren Towers, Sleeper Hall or the Fitness and Recreation Center is sure to […]

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Breaking the Silence

Before 1980, there was no law against spousal rape. In court, rape and sexual assault victims in the United States were forced to reveal their sexual history when their case was considered, potentially condemning their testimony. Rapists could not be convicted unless there was a witness to the actual incident to testify in court. While the rise of second-wave feminism in the 1970s and 1980s gave way to legal reform and raised awareness of sexual assault and rape, some Boston University students said they are still shocked by the frequency of such incidents on campus.

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Dropping the F-bomb

On the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, Boston University’s digital daily BU Today ran a story […]


Whether it’s the office assistant who just gave you directions, the barista who crafted your no-whip no-foam soy latte or the guy who cured your laptop of its crippling virus a day before that big paper of yours was due, Boston University runs in part thanks to the help of work-study students.

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Blog On

At Boston University, students receive lessons in fields outside of their declared majors without the hassle of having to register for them. All freshmen are forced to take the required course “How to Cross Commonwealth Avenue Without Being Pancaked by Boston Drivers.” Thanks to recent renovations, “Territorially Marking a Table at the GSU 101” has also grown in attendance. And, of course, “Mastering the Art of Procrastination Infinity” boasts an ever-evolving curriculum — its latest lesson focusing on utilizing BU-related blogs and websites to self-distract at all times.

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Veggie Tales

While many Boston University students cherish their daily cheeseburger, smoked ham or chicken wings, some voluntarily pick an entirely different way of life and look to the city of Boston to support them in their choice.

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Rushed recruitment

An insider’s guide to the sorority recruitment process.

For many girls at Boston University, the envelope they receive on the fifth day of sorority recruitment is much more than simply an envelope. It represents their initiation into Greek Life and – if they are lucky – into the pledge class of their choice.

Last week, more than 500 female BU students took part in the spring sorority recruitment at the Marriot Copley hotel, said College of Communication sophomore and Alpha Phi member Torre Price.

Despite the stereotypes surrounding sorority life, 11 percent of the BU population belongs to a Greek organization, according to BU’s website.

Irresistible Rush

With the onset of the New Year come the annual New Year’s resolutions – pledges of self-improvement and half-hearted written reminders to finally sign up for that gym membership. Just as that note will likely remain on many desks for months to come, so will Boston University’s ever-present crowd of smokers continue to light up.