Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Business is Booming: Entrepreneurship Club helps ambitious students turn visions into reality throughout decade

The first day Esteban da Cruz, a School of Management senior, walked into the College of Arts and Sciences classroom that was holding the bi-weekly meeting for the Entrepreneurship Club, he was surprised to see two things: its incredibly small membership and its remarkable potential. He had heard about the club from his friend and fraternity […]

Any way and every way: BU Triathlon Team prepares for half-marathon

Eat. Sleep. Swim. Run. Bike. Repeat. The common athlete mantra has a few more steps in it for those who choose to be triathletes like Stephanie Lie, the president of the Boston University Triathlon Team. On Tuesday mornings, Lie swims for an hour. Tuesday afternoons she spins (exercising on an indoor bicycle for two hours). Wednesdays she runs. […]

Great Boston Couch Race promotes pan-Asian cuisine

While many a lazy Saturday includes laying on the couch, students and spectators made their lounging a little more active with the first ever Great Boston Couch Race, a celebration of pan-Asian cuisine and a rebranding for the House of Tsang brand sauces and oils. Saturday the shops at Prudential Center in Boylston Plaza were transformed into an […]

Fighting for their final breath: Participants climb 82 flights of stairs to raise money for lung cancer research

On Saturday morning, Krysta Voskowsky, along with four of her co-workers, put on T-shirts they screen-printed and headed downtown to climb 82 flights of stairs. The team didn’t climb for exercise, and the elevators to get to the 41st floor were, in fact, working. Instead, they climbed the stairs to fight the leading cancer killer: […]

Newly renovated architecture program draws in new students

Starting as an independent concentration of two students and then transforming into a major with between 45 and 50 students, architectural studies is one of the new, growing academic opportunities at BU. “We launched the program in 2012 when we thought there might be a few more people interested,” said Keith Morgan, director of the […]