Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Lighting up at BU

Smokers on campus engage in the debate on e-cigarette use. Lauren Howard, a College of Arts and Sciences freshman, makes her way down the three flights of escalators in Warren Towers, reaching for a cigarette in her purse. Instead of pulling out a pack of Marlboro Lights and a lighter bought at a City Convenience […]

Man behind the machine: An engineer for the Curiosity rover talks about the mission on Mars

After obtaining a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Boston University in 2005, Matthew Heverly found himself working on NASA’s Mars Exploration Rovers teams. Working as the lead planner and driver of the Mars Exploration Rovers, Heverly spent several years testing the robot in the MarsYard, or testing area, to make sure it could withstand […]

No age limits for learning

Senior citizens hit the books with BU’s Evergreen program Sitting in a lecture hall in the Kenmore Classroom Building, Neil Glazer listens to the professor discuss the fall of the Ottoman Empire on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. He is taking notes by hand, while the majority of the students in the classroom type on their laptops. Neil is also […]

Turkey: A summer of protests

At 7 p.m., people left work. By 8 p.m., people walked in the streets. By 2 a.m. they went home. It was becoming a routine, Ali Uslu explained as he sat in the George Sherman Union. However, Uslu, a College of Arts and Sciences junior, was not describing the typical Friday night in Boston. He was describing the routine he found […]

Keeping up with the times: BU adopts alternative education methods to embrace modernization

Attach the word “alternative” to a term and it instantly appeals to our generation. Alternative music, alternative lifestyles, alternative clothing, even alternative education are all concepts that are dominated by the youth population. Boston University — diverse in nature, with an undergraduate population of approximately 15,800 — has attempted to incorporate the word “alternative” into […]