“Kindred” by Passion Pit was released Tuesday. PHOTO FROM ARIELLERUBIN/WIKIMEDIA

REVIEW: Passion Pit’s “Kindred” lets in light

There’s an old tradition in pop music that Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos has made his personal mantra. For decades, shrewd pop acts have taken the bouncy, hooky stylings of whatever contemporary sound happens to be relevant and paired it with dark, downbeat lyrics for a startling contrast. The brightness of the melodies get scuffed by tales of torment and abuse, […]

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Bérénice Marlohe as Arielle and Anton Yelchin as Brian star in “5 to 7,” released April 13. PHOTO COURTESY OF WALTER THOMSON

REVIEW: Vapid “5 to 7” doesn’t score much higher

Victor Levin’s film “5 to 7” is titled appropriately, considering the mediocrity of the plot. Although nostalgic and visually compelling at times, on a scale of one to 10, it might settle around a five rather than a seven. While unconventional for a romantic comedy, the dialogue rests excessively on sentimental clichés, overflowing with hackneyed phrases like “life is a […]

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“Foil Deer” by Speedy Ortiz was released Tuesday. PHOTO FROM SPEEDY ORTIZ/FLICKR

REVIEW: Speedy Ortiz’s “Foil Deer” picks up the pace

A band’s second album is always a challenge — the “sophomore slump” looms. It is often enough to either solidify the band as something worth keeping track of or pull them back into the uncertainty of a one-trick show. In Speedy Ortiz’s case, we can all breathe a sigh of relief: if their sophomore album “Foil Deer” is an indicator […]

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Nick Kroll, Caleb Paddock and Matthew Paddock star in “Adult Beginners,” released Friday. PHOTO COURTESY OF RADIUS

INTERVIEW: In “Adult Beginners,” Nick Kroll finds himself one

While Nick Kroll may not be a beginner in the world of comedy, his new film “Adult Beginners” does mark the start of a new chapter in his career. In a roundtable interview at The Liberty Hotel, Kroll talked about the film and his first experience both acting in a lead role and producing. “You have to do everything for […]

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"Orange is the New Black" star Uzo Aduba runs toward Kenmore Square Monday during the Boston Marathon. PHOTO BY MICHAEL DESOCIO/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Through crazy determination, alum Aduba sets eyes on conquest

If anyone were to ask Boston-born stage and screen actress Uzo Aduba how she feels about running 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Copley Square for the Boston Marathon, she would say, “quote, wicked excited.” And she doesn’t even say wicked anymore. “I love the Boston Marathon,” she said in a phone interview with The Daily Free Press. “It’s so a […]

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(From left) Juliette Binoche (Maria Enders) and Kristen Stewart (Valentine) in Olivier Assayas’ “Clouds of Sils Maria.” PHOTO BY CAROLE BETHUEL/COURTESY OF CG CINEMA

REVIEW: “Clouds of Sils Maria” a character-driven masterpiece

What does it mean to grow older? For women in Hollywood, it has often meant to inject, to tuck, to smooth away. This has long been the stuff of think pieces across the web, but it had yet to be explored meaningfully in the Hollywood medium itself until now. “Clouds of Sils Maria” delves into this issue with reckless abandon, […]

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“Unfriended,” a story of friends being haunted by an online presence, will be released April 17. PHOTO COURTESY OF UNIVERSAL PICTURES

REVIEW: Audiences unfollow clichéd characters of “Unfriended”

Six teens Skype on screen: brunette Blaire (Shelley Hennig), who enjoys settling arguments; her blue-eyed boyfriend Mitch (Moses Jacob Storm); seemingly ditsy Jess (Renee Olstead); token hot-head Adam (Will Peltz); chubby Ken (Jacob Wysocki); and Val (Courtney Halverson), who’s the most sadistic but conveniently dies first. Yes, she dies — this is a horror movie of sorts. From there, you […]

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(From left) Jonah Hill (Mike Finkel) and James Franco (Christian Longo) in “True Story.” PHOTO BY MARY CYBULSKI/COURTESY OF TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX FILM CORPORATION

REVIEW: “True Story” filled with suspense and complex relationships

In the midst of the absolute seriousness associated with depicting a man who murdered his wife and three children, director Rupert Goold manages to add a soft color to the pale face of a labeled antagonist. In fact, that killer almost seems likeable — at least to the main narrator of “True Story,” Michael Finkel (Jonah Hill). Complexities and grey […]

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Record stores release special records and have sales around the country to celebrate “Record Store Day” on April 18. PHOTO BY KELSEY CRONIN/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Record Store Day needles smaller labels and music businesses

With Record Store Day celebrating its eighth year on Saturday, many are beginning to question whether or not the event is actually doing any good for the music industry. Record Store Day began in 2008 to celebrate the role that unique, independently-owned record stores play in their communities. On this day, stores offer different kinds of exclusive promotional products, from […]

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Wes Palmer (COM ’16), creator of butv10’s series Paper Trail, works on set. The show is one of three college series nominated for a College Television Award from the Television Academy Foundation. PHOTO COURTESY OF BUTV10

“Paper Trail” producers on their path to award-winning success

Winning an Emmy Award is a dream for many of those working in the television industry. For college students, winning a College Television Award is almost as good. Not only does this award, given to outstanding college television programs by the Television Academy Foundation, the same organization behind the Emmys, embody positive critical reception, but it also serves as a […]

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