Isabella Walpole (COM ’15), Kyle Tague (COM ’16), Kyle Mitchell (CAS ’16) and Emily Prescott (CAS/SED ‘16) perform as Honey, Nick, George and Martha in Boston University Stage Troupe's production of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" Saturday night at the Agganis Student Theater. PHOTO BY OLIVIA NADEL/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

REVIEW: BU Stage Troupe brings passion, detail to “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

From Oct. 30 to Nov. 1, the Boston University Stage Troupe put on a production of Edward Albee’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” The show shares an intense interest with its titular modernist author in revealing the emotional truth that hides behind illusion. “Virginia Woolf” is infamous among theater fans for being an incredibly complex and thought-provoking work of art, […]

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Keira Knightley and Mark Webber star as female "man-child" Megan and her devoted longtime boyfriend, Anthony, in "Laggies," released Oct. 24. PHOTO COURTESY OF A24 FILMS

REVIEW: “Laggies” subverts stereotypes, struggles with bigger picture

In recent years, popular cinema has latched onto the concept of the “man child,” a man old enough to have at least a start on a permanent career or a family, but who instead lacks any post-pubescent mental or emotional maturity and does essentially nothing to further themselves (see: “Step Brothers,” “Knocked Up,” “Pineapple Express” or essentially any Seth Rogen […]

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Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Louis Bloom, a Los Angeles man who becomes involved in videotaping violent crimes and selling the videos for profit in "Nightcrawler," released Friday. PHOTO COURTESY OF OPEN ROAD FILMS

REVIEW: The abyss stares back in unsettling “Nightcrawler”

“Nightcrawler” embarks on a journey through darkness, even as it’s set in the city of eternal light pollution, Los Angeles. The camera lingers on the LA monuments, resting on landmarks chopped up by shadow, frequently landing on shots of large broadcast towers dominating the horizon: the ever-present news culture dominating thought. It’s a concept that endures throughout the film, released […]

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Amy Poehler speaks with Kathy Dalton, her high school English teacher, at an event to promote the release of her new book, "Yes Please," at the Back Bay Events Center on Wednesday. PHOTO BY SONIA RAO/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

REVIEW: Amy Poehler offers career advice, plenty of laughs at Boston book tour date

“It’s really difficult to write a memoir because I don’t want people to know my shit!” That isn’t really something one would expect a public figure like Amy Poehler to say. In a world that likes to assume that celebrities live their lives fully on display, the exclamation made me realize something: This woman is real. On Wednesday night, the […]

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Formerly occupied by Cutty’s, a pop-up sandwich shop in Brookline, Bagelsaurus opened its first brick and mortar on Oct. 23 in Porter Square. PHOTO BY LAURA PORECCA/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Former pop-up Bagelsaurus opens brick and mortar in Porter Square

Not all dinosaurs are extinct. In Boston, the Bagelsaurus is alive and well. Housed on Massachusetts Avenue near the Harvard University campus, the former bagel pop-up shop opened its first brick and mortar on Oct. 23 in Porter Square. At first glance, the shop may go unnoticed due to the lack of signage on the front of the building. But […]

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Keanu Reeves plays a retired hitman making a comeback in "John Wick," released Oct. 24. PHOTO COURTESY OF DAVID LEE/LIONSGATE

REVIEW: Deliciously ridiculous “John Wick” showcases star Keanu Reeves at action-packed best

After watching the trailer for “John Wick,” I knew the film would have to work pretty hard for me to dislike it. It would need stoic self-importance, à la “The Last Airbender,” the kind of joyless seriousness it’s impossible to even make fun of. Personally, I hoped that “John Wick” would have the same madcap tone of ridiculousness set by […]

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Bibimbap is a rice dish made up of meat and vegetables and topped with a fried egg. PHOTO BY BROOKE JACKSON-GLIDDEN/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

REVIEW: Bibim serves up Americanized take on Korean barbecue

Bibim doesn’t look like any other Korean restaurant in Allston. Oak tables, wicker furniture and faux-incandescent light fixtures make the restaurant feel more like a Better Homes and Gardens spread than a bulgogi joint. Then again, no one would call Bibim a bulgogi joint. The restaurant smells faintly of kimchi, but not unpleasantly so. Mild K-pop plays in the dining […]

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Allston Rock City Hall, a proposed live venue in community artist space Studio 52, was never opened due to issues with permitting and zoning. PHOTO BY BETSEY GOLDWASSER/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Red tape records: How large venues and legislation are quieting the Boston music scene

Boston, the home of sites like hyperlocal music blog Allston Pudding, institutions such as the Berklee College of Music and a smattering of concert venues, has long been associated with a burgeoning music scene. But for many local bands, promoters and music enthusiasts, the red tape surrounding the process of opening a new spot for local music has become more […]

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Ben Schnetzner as Mark, leader of the "Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners" movement during the 1984 U.K. miners strike, in "Pride." PHOTO COURTESY OF CBS FILMS

REVIEW: True story of “Pride” celebrates collective human experience

The footage of the 1984 U.K. miners’ strike shown in the establishing minutes of “Pride” gives just the right sense of realism and an even better sense of urgency. “I’m not here to be a softie,” U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher drones from a tube TV in the lonely corner of Mark Ashton’s (Ben Schnetzer) London flat. It’s pretty clear […]

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Alison McCartan, Victor Shopov and Gillian Mariner act as Daphna, Liam and Melody in the SpeakEasy Stage Company production of "Bad Jews" at the Calderwood Pavilion. PHOTO COURTESY OF CRAIG BAILEY/PERSPECTIVE PHOTO

REVIEW: SpeakEasy Stage Company argues issues, origins in “Bad Jews”

Who’s to discern the difference between a good Jew and a bad Jew? Joshua Harmon, a recent graduate of The Julliard School’s Lila Acheson Wallace American Playwrights Program, has written a biting, comedic commentary that bravely attempts to hash out the balance between religion, family and practicing one’s personal beliefs. Harmon’s original play, “Bad Jews,” premiered fall 2013 at the […]

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