Pentatonix revamps tired hits with an a cappella twist in second album

“More of the same” is a phrase that Pentatonix most definitely does not understand. How lucky for their listeners, who as a result were treated to the unexpected and awe-inspiring sounds of the a capella group’s newest album, PTX Volume II, released Nov. 5. The group, which consists of members Scott Hoying, Kirstie Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola, has […]

INTERVIEW: Dr. Dog’s Pearson polishes lo-fi sound in ‘B-Room’

INTERVIEW: Dr. Dog’s Pearson polishes lo-fi sound in ‘B-Room’

Childhood friends Toby Leaman and Scott McMicken form the crux of Dr. Dog, a rock band from West Grove, Pa. Others members have come and gone, but the two have remained constants, sharing vocal duties and songwriting credits throughout the band’s evolution from their 2001 debut Psychedelic Swamp to 2013’s B-Room. While the former album is a mishmash of lo-fi sounds to be […]

Reel Big Fish ‘skanks’ into Royale, leaves crowd in frenzy

Ska concerts are a phenomenon unlike any other. And, because ska is best described as dance-punk with a brass section, it’s no surprise. Nowhere else is there such a strange cross-section of angsty teenagers with middle-aged men who have large and unruly beards. An even stranger phenomenon is the fact that all faces were plastered with a wide smile, and […]

REVIEW: The Fratellis sell out Paradise Rock Club with spunky, garage rock

When The Fratellis took the stage at the Paradise Rock Club Sunday night, it had been five years since they last toured the U.S. The Scottish trio had been on a hiatus since 2009, and to the worried fan, it might seem that they were past the point of once again becoming known as the “iPod commercial band from quite […]

REVIEW: Arcade Fire’s “Reflektor” defined by incoherence

It’s very difficult to criticize Arcade Fire, a band that quietly and gracefully became the official sovereigns of indie rock in the 2000s. Since 2004, the band has released three albums, each proving many times over that leading husband and wife Win Butler and Régine Chassagne are two of the decade’s best songwriters. Moreover, the Montreal-based band has shown an […]

REVIEW: Of Montreal creates ‘paradise for the weirdo’ for Halloween

“It’s time to welcome to the stage the only man born of penis, not vagina,” Of Montreal’s luchador MC wailed before the crowd at The Middle East. A bizarre introduction for a bizarre show — only what one could expect from the king of modern psychedelia. Based on the evidence presented at the Of Montreal show on Oct. 26, I […]

REVIEW: House of Blues gets ‘Aokified’

REVIEW: House of Blues gets ‘Aokified’

There are certain elements that characterize any rave, regardless of who is playing it —overwhelmingly loud music, gratuitous light displays and a severe lack of clothing are just a few. For a rave to really stand out, the DJ needs to use creativity to make the experience especially memorable. Unfortunately, despite Steve Aoki’s best efforts, his Aokify America party was […]

REVIEW: Cold War Kids attracts full crowd at House of Blues

REVIEW: Cold War Kids attracts full crowd at House of Blues

Walking into the House of Blues on Oct. 18, I was not prepared for the environment I was about to experience. Since their third studio album Mine Is Yours, my Cold War Kids fandom has been declining, and I assumed my feelings were shared with the general public. But I was wrong — stepping into one of the fullest crowds I’ve […]

REVIEW: Toro Y Moi turns House of Blues into energetic ‘nightclub’

Few and far between are the situations when we lower our inhibitions and give ourselves up to a moment. Toro Y Moi’s show at the House of Blues on Friday was one of these rare and coveted occurrences. Bathed in fuchsia and goldenrod lighting, the floor in front of the stage heaved to the beat of Toro’s electronic tinged-groove in a display […]

Franz Ferdinand still rules the stage, ten years later

Ten years later and they still have it. When Franz Ferdinand took the stage at Orpheum Theatre Sunday night, the band secured its title as indie rock royalty as the foursome played both decade-old hits and brand-new releases, each song dripping with relevance and perfection without even the slightest hint of being forced. Glasgow band Casual Sex opened the show. […]