Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Dancing with Lotus

Lotus isn’t going to sing to you. They won’t play you a ballad on acoustic guitars, and rarely will they say anything at all during a show.’ What Lotus will do is make you dance.

Running on a Thread-Mule

With Gov’t Mule, you know what you’re gonna get. Massive riffs, infectious grooves, and a ton of swagger accompany every Mule release, and By A Thread, the band’s latest album released October 27 on Evil Teen Records, does not deviate from that trend.

Fixin’ and thrillin’ with Dragonette

On its 2007 debut album, Galore, Canadian electropop-rockers Dragonette covered plenty of bases ‘- literally. Late night hook-ups, affairs and sex in limousines were just a few of the topics addressed via the band’s infectious 11-track album.

A Method To This Snoopness

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Snoop Dogg lit up the stage Sunday night in the midst of his Wonderland High School mini tour at the House of Blues yet had to settle for a split of the plaudits as he was nearly overshadowed by his opener.

The Dear Hunter shoots a bull’s eye

When a band returns to its home town for a show, there are only two ways it can go: they can play it like it’s ‘just another stop on the tour,’ or they can make it something special, something that anyone who is there can take with them and remember.