Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Breakfast, lunch and dinner at Tiffany’s

The lack of a bar scene has forced many a Coolidge Cornerian to Trader Joe’s to grab a bottle of $3 merlot and sit alone in his apartment wondering if he’s better off trekking to Kenmore Square for a buzz or sneaking a flask into the Coolidge theater (again) to mouth every line to The Room. Instead, stay local and grab a stool at the new Regal Beagle, opening soon at 308 Harvard St. in Brookline.

Wasting time staring at goats

With its bizarre title, ‘The Men Who Stare At Goats’ has something going for it beyond its star-studded cast. Why are they staring at goats? Movie executives are hoping the desire to find out will cause audiences to flock to the theatres this weekend. But I can report that after seeing the film, I’m only left with more questions.

It’s Not Hard Livin’ When You Have Railroad Earth to Console You

An enthusiastic crowd gathered last Friday night to hear Railroad Earth play the first of their two-night stand at the Paradise Rock Club.’ Prepared with violin solos, spontaneous jams and bluegrass grooves, Railroad Earth didn’t disappoint.

Snow and sleet and the Avett Brothers

After a cold, wet, and snowy 25-minute walk from the GSU to the House of Blues, the warmth and soulfulness of The Avett Brothers felt like a comforting bowl of warm soup. Brothers Scott and Seth Avett, along with Bob Crowford and Joe Kwon, delivered a tight performance with just the right amount of energy and zest.

All Saints Day

Don’t expect Boondock Saints 2 to be some kind of cinematic masterpiece; this is a fun movie. The story about vigilante justice that could really be set anywhere, despite its Boston roots. Though, once one accepts that realism isn’t the goal here, it’s easier to embrace the ridiculousness.