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The Intersection: Finance Meets Delicious Dining

So, you’re just starting at Boston University, maybe just moving to Boston like I was this time last year. If you’re like me, you will love the food at BU’s many dining and food halls — Rhett’s and Panda Express in the George Sherman Union were go-tos for me throughout freshman year. But what about when you’re eager to go out on the town and get a taste of Boston? Well, luckily, there are many restaurants on or right by BU’s campus that will show you that Boston’s reputation for having delicious food is no joke. 

There’s one thing you have to consider — you’re on a budget. Don’t worry, I’ve thought of that too. Most freshmen (and really, all college students, because no, it does not go away after freshman year) are going to be on a budget, and that budget might deter them from going for a night out. I was, and still am, in your shoes, and these budget friendly restaurants are not only delicious but just a short walk from wherever you’re living on campus in the Fall.

Haley Alvarez-Lauto / DFP Staff

Time Out Market

This one has got to be my favorite on this list of my absolute favorites. Time Out Market Boston, which has other locations around the world, is a food court-style restaurant filled with many great food options. It’s nearly impossible to choose from all the amazing eateries. Though, I’m a creature of habit, and always end up getting Source Pizza. At Source Pizza (which also has a location in Cambridge), a full pepperoni pizza and water costs $22, and a full margherita pizza and water costs $19. This is one to definitely check out with your friends and family this year. 

Cafe Landwer

With a location right by the BU South Campus Dorms, this Israeli cafe is a perfect brunch, lunch or dinner spot for you and your family or friends. I’ve been there with my friends countless times. Every time one of my friends got takeout, I begged for a taste of what they had left over, especially when they brought back the $7 Nutella Rozalach (fantasizing about it as I’m writing this). My regular order is the Tomato Basil Pasta with Trombette noodles, which is $14. Their french fries are also delicious, at only $5. Check them out next time you’re in South Campus! 

Otto Pizza

For my BU West Campus crowd, this pizzeria is a short walk from all the West Campus dorms. I went to this pizzeria my first Friday night as a BU student, and it was unforgettable. They have several other locations around Boston, including one in nearby Coolidge Corner, but this one is super convenient because it is right in BU West Campus. It’s perfect for a fun night out with friends or an after class pizza craving. For the “create your own” option, which is $12 for a 12” pizza and $17 for a 16” pizza (extra toppings not included), this pizza parlor will fill you up for a reasonable price. 

Yard House

I had to throw this one in here. Yard House has a special place in my heart, not only because there is a location in my hometown, but also because this was the regular restaurant for me and my friends this past year. I cannot tell you how many football games my friends and I watched in the booth in the corner of the main room. The food is delicious, and the menu is versatile. Their hamburgers run at about $15, and their gooey chocolate fudge cake is $10. Come to this restaurant in Fenway and make some memories with your friends this year. 

There were too many great restaurants to mention, so I just highlighted a few, and I hope you check out these and all the other amazing restaurants around Boston that are delicious and budget friendly. 

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