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What to expect from campus news

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The news stand outside the Daily Free Press office at 708 Commonwealth Avenue. The campus section of the newspaper focuses solely on Boston University news. HUI-EN LIN/DFP STAFF

For 52 years The Daily Free Press — Boston University’s only independent student newspaper — has been committed to producing accurate and timely coverage for the BU community.

While other sections of The Daily Free Press, commonly called “the FreeP,” are focused on the broader city of Boston, the campus section has a sole focus on BU. Coverage prioritizes informing community members about what is going on at BU as soon as it happens.

Our editors and writers conduct interviews with students, professors, administration, and other staff to publish most relevant and informative stories with our own additional investigation. 

The FreeP is independent of BU, and we aim for impartiality in all of our coverage. We are not associated with BU Student Activities Office, and we raise money through donations, dues and fundraisers. 

Coverage includes breaking news such as fires or evacuations, student walkouts, policy changes, and weekly reporting on Student Government meetings. We keep the student body up to date on health policies, tuition hikes and forums.

Last Fall, BU students protested an alleged uptick in sexual assault cases against the fraternity Kappa Sigma Mu Psi. The FreeP was there to report on the protest by interviewing those in attendance, providing background information on the fraternity’s past accusations and publishing a statement from BU.

Throughout the past school year, the FreeP reported on all of the COVID-19 policy changes and published testing statistics daily. This coverage not only explained the policy change, but also included why the change was implemented, quotes from BU health administrators and students’ thoughts. 

Within the campus news section, a team of reporters focuses on long-term investigative stories, which can take months to be published. Our coverage helps uncover systemic issues at BU and includes extensive research and interviews. 

The first piece detailed former orientation director Shiney James creating a culture of fear and toxicity for student employees. After the article was published, an external investigation into her treatment of employees was opened, which led to her resigning six months later.

The second piece detailed several former and current students’ accusations of sexual misconduct against College of Communication Assistant Professor Christophor Cavalieri. This article was published this past April and according to BU Spokesperson Colin Riley, the Equal Opportunity Office will be looking into the allegations laid out in the article. 

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