Students broadcast dorm-life web series on YouTube

One Boston University student-produced web series has found success on YouTube since its premiere a week ago.

‘Welcome Back Brotter – Episode 1- ‘The Girl From French Class,” written by College of Communication freshman Paul Ryan and edited by COM freshman Cody Brotter, earned more than 500 views since its premiere last week. The series follows the everyday life of two college students in a dormitory at BU.

‘Originally my friend Paul came to me with a sheet of loose paper in which he had written on in class,’ Brotter said. ‘He wrote the first scene, a dialogue between me and him, and we were like, ‘what should we do with this?”

‘Then we realized it would be kind of funny just to film us being ourselves, a caricature,’ Ryan said.’

One of the reasons for its success is students can identify with the show, College of Communication freshman Virginia Soskey, who played a small role in the webisode, said. The show was filmed in Warren Towers on floor 11C, the coed freshman COM floor.

COM freshman Alexander Hawley said the show reached an unexpectedly large audience.’ ‘

‘I was surprised with the success it had,’ he said. ‘On our floor, but also on YouTube.” ‘

Although the webisode is student-produced, both Hawley and Soskey said it was very professional. Preparation for the premiere on 11C included a promotional video, which saw over 300 views.’

‘There has been a lot of hype surrounding the show,’ Hawley said. ‘For the premiere, there were tickets and a red carpet.”

YouTube isn’t new to the BU community, who has used the video-hosting website in the past to broadcast their work, events and even to protest. The student run BUTV10, for example, in addition to airing on campus cable television, has broadcasted many shows online, according to their YouTube channel.

Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore even used YouTube to promote BU last April when he appeared in the YouTube video ‘Dean Elmore Invites You To Watch The 2009 NCAA Frozen Four!’ for BU Men’s hockey team.’

Brotter, who is involved with BUTV as a screenwriter for ‘BU Tonight’ and as an actor on the longest college running soap opera ‘Bay State,’ said he and his friends chose to put ‘Welcome Back Brotter’ on YouTube so they could have more creativefreedom and the possibility for a bigger audience.

COM freshman Chad McKay said ‘Welcome Back Brotter’ is different because the creators did not go through BUTV or any other establishment to put the show out.

‘[It’s a] really good example of how kids can produce it themselves, have their own fan page, cut out the between part,’ he said. ‘Only a few weeks ago they started making the show and advertised it like crazy . . . and now it’s a great success.”

‘ ‘Welcome Back Brotter’ is soon expected to air episode two, although there is no exact prediction of when that will be, according to the YouTube page.’ ‘

‘It’s a little overwhelming,’ Ryan said, ‘We didn’t expect that much that soon, but we’re hoping for a big following of the show.’

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