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City Crime Logs: Party house

The following reports were taken from the Allston-Brighton District D-14 crime logs from Oct. 4 to Oct. 8.

Party House

On Sunday at about 11:56 p.m., officers responded to a call for a loud party on Ashford Street in Allston. Officers were notified that a call for the same house was made the night before, and one of the occupants had been uncooperative with officers. On that night, officers advised the tenants of the house that future occurrences would result in police enforcement actions. On arrival, officers heard loud music coming from the house and saw that there were a group of young adults with alcohol inside. Because of multiple calls to the residence in fewer than 24 hours, the officers requested identification from all the people present. Officers found that every person in the house was under the age of 21.

Spin cycle

On Monday at about 12:30 a.m., officers responded to a call for breaking glass and a possible breaking and entering at the Step-U-Laundromat at 549 Washington St. Officers saw a small window broken on the building’s left side. They spoke to a person who said he and his roommate heard glass breaking and saw a black man walking away toward Oak Square, but had not seen the man break the glass. Officers questioned the cleaner from the business next door, who said a black male had asked him to call the Laundromat owner because he left his laundry, wallet, money, gold chain and cell phone inside and was locked out.

The officers contacted the Laundromat owner, at which point a black male approached them and said he was trying to get in contact with the Laundromat’s owner to retrieve his belongings. The man denied breaking into the Laundromat and said he had gone to the pizza place next door to call the owner. The Laundromat owner said he knew the man as a customer. However, he asked the officers to tell the customer to find another laundry service, to which the customer agreed.

Helpful thief

At about 9:30 a.m. on Friday, a victim reported that his laptop computer, iPhone and about $8 were taken from his apartment on Euston Road in Brighton sometime after 3 a.m. The victim told the officers he believed he may have been intoxicated at the time and that he met a male who he did not know. The victim said the man offered to help him get to his apartment and he obliged. When they got there, the victim went to his desk to get some cash to give to the man, whom he said was in his apartment at that time. The victim said he passed out soon after. When he woke up the next morning, the man was gone, along with the missing items. The victim notified the police that his phone had a tracking device.

Boston brawling

On Sunday at about 3 a.m. officers responded to a call that a man was on the ground not moving on Malvern Street in Allston. When police arrived at the scene, a witness told officers that about six white males and one Asian male began yelling at some kids on a nearby porch. Then, as the victim found on the ground and another victim were walking down the street, the group randomly attacked them, punching and kicking both victims. The victims said they did not know any members of the group, and officers searched the area for group members but did not find them.

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