The Daily Free Press changes print day to Friday

Newspaper changes publishing schedule to prioritize editor wellbeing

The Daily Free Press will be circulating its print issues on Fridays, starting this semester. This is the first change to print day that the FreeP has made since 2014, when they initially switched to the daily online, weekly print publishing model. Historically the paper has been printed on Thursday mornings.

“Being an editor is tough and time consuming in general, and print night is even more so,” said Board Chair Ananya Panchal. “It makes sense to schedule print night at the end of the work week so editors can rest over the weekend.”

In the past few semesters, Back Bay Publishing Co. has prioritized inclusion and editor wellbeing.  Additional editor positions (co-managing, co-opinion and co-podcast) were added this semester in order to foster a streamlined work environment and reduce individual workload. The Editor’s Equity Fund was developed as a stipend for editors’ food and transportation — which can be funded through Venmo account @dailyfreepress.

These changes come at a time when college journalists around the country are quoted feeling overworked as well as underpaid. Mental health awareness is at the top of many students’ priority lists.

Furthermore, the changes come after the BBPC listened to last semester’s editors. “What most people don’t know is that we were in that newsroom for maybe 12 hours every print night, not to mention the other nights,” said Madhri Yehiya, former Campus News Editor and current Staff Recruitment and Training Chair. “This is a welcome change, and I’m excited to see what else we can do.”

About The Daily Free Press

Founded on May 5, 1970 by Boston University students, The Daily Free Press is the only independent student newspaper at BU. Digital publication occurs Monday through Friday and physical print issues are distributed around campus once a month during the academic year. The FreeP serves as an independent voice for the BU community, covering news on campus and around the city of Boston.

About Back Bay Publishing Co., Inc.

Back Bay Publishing Co., Inc., is a nonprofit Massachusetts corporation operated by Boston University students. The BBPC’s Board of Directors is made up of former Daily Free Press editors and is responsible for the financial, legal and managerial aspects of the paper, as well as the appointment and oversight of the editorial board.


Yvonne Tang

Public Relations Chair

Back Bay Publishing, Co., Inc.

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