Code of Ethics

As members of The Daily Free Press, we understand the importance of journalism as a constitutionally protected pillar of democracy. We recognize our responsibility to the student body and also the influence — both positive and negative — our coverage can have on Boston University.

With this responsibility, we are committed to upholding transparency in our newsroom operations and our integrity as journalists. We declare the following five guidelines as the foundations of our journalism standards, drawing on principles set forth by the Society of Professional Journalists.

The Daily Free Press feels it is necessary to expand upon the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics because we believe it is outdated. It offers very little guidance on reporting in a manner that protects marginalized communities, does not take into account modern news-gathering and isn’t stoutly against non-inclusive language. Any guidelines that were taken from the SPJ Code of Ethics that did not align with our principles have been bracketed and modified.


For more information on the Society of Professional Journalists or journalistic ethics, visit the SPJ website at For more information on The Daily Free Press, visit or email with comments, questions or concerns.

For another avenue to voice your thoughts on our coverage, please fill out this anonymous Google survey, where you can tell us your thoughts and set up a meeting with the Editor-in-Chief, diversity and inclusion chair, staff development chair, vice chair or chair.