GALLERY: March 2023, in photos

By Daily Free Press Photographers

March proved to be a photogenic month, bringing color, Spring sports and hard-hitting news, all covered by the Daily Free Press. Here are DFP Photographers’ strongest works this past month.

Evelyn Dunphy, 5, poses for a photo after the “Make Way for Ducklings” play with “Mack” the duckling, portrayed by Echo Kaufman. TAYLOR COESTER/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER
A Holi participant slaps another participant on March 26. MOLLY POTTER/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER
Junior outfielder Lauren Keleher walking off the field after a March 21 softball game. The Terriers won the first game 13-0 but lost the second game 1-2. HUI-EN LIN/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER
Soapy Shayna, a freshman in the Questrom School of Business, poses for a portrait. Shayna is an OnlyFans content creator who sells suggestive pictures of herself online through subscriptions. CLARE ONG/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER
A Feb. 26 Ukraine rally participant covers her face with a Ukrainian flag. ZIYU (JULIAN) ZHU/DFP STAFF
Mayor Michelle Wu hugs someone at the Boston Arts Academy reception on March 16. MADI KOESLER/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER
HCA board member Hrithik Shivnauth places a cup of green powder down on the front table before the club’s Holi celebration on March 26. ANDREW BURKE-STEVENSON/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER

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