GALLERY: 2023 commencement brings joy, jeers and protest

By Madi Koesler and Ziyu (Julian) Zhu

Boston University class of 2023 had their commencement ceremony in Nickerson Field last Sunday amid controversy around the speaker, Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav. The Writers Guild of America protested outside the event while several students booed Zaslav during his speech.

Two University Marshals set up before the ceremony begins. ZIYU (JULIAN) ZHU/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER
A WGA protester shouts outside of Agganis Arena. MADI KOESLER/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER
A graduating student holds her fist up while passing the protest. MADI KOESLER/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER
Graduating students take a selfie before the ceremony. ZIYU (JULIAN) ZHU/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER
BU President Robert Brown speaks at commencement. ZIYU (JULIAN) ZHU/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER
Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson receives an honorary degree during commencement. MADI KOESLER/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER
Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav speaks at commencement. MADI KOESLER/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER
A student shouts and holds a sign reading “ew, David” during Zaslav’s speech. ZIYU (JULIAN) ZHU/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER
A student shouts during Zaslav’s speech. MADI KOESLER/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER
A plane flies above Nickerson Field reading “David Zaslav – pay your writers.” MADI KOESLER/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER
Students cheer at the end of commencement. ZIYU (JULIAN) ZHU/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER
A student takes a selfie in front of flying caps and confetti. MADI KOESLER/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER


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