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Why did the Terrier cross the road? To get to class on time | Editorial 


“Life is not a waste of time, and time is not a waste of life, so let’s stop wasting time, get wasted and have the time of our lives” — Pitbull. 

In honor of Mr. 305, The Daily Free Press editorial board decided on our favorite shortcuts on campus to help you stop wasting time and start having the time of your life. 

Lila Baltaxe | Senior Graphic Artist

It may seem counterintuitive to seek shortcuts on a campus that is a straight line — see good old Pythagoras’ theorem about the shortest path between two points — but despite Commonwealth Avenue’s hypotenuse-like qualities, BU students are always rushing. 

Lil Wayne once said: “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna.” Follow these top tips and you, too, will move across campus like a real G(ood shortcutter). 

The Stuvi I and Stuvi II connection — The “Trans-Stuvi Rail System” 

The connection between 10 Buick St. and 33 Agganis Way is the perfect shortcut because it is indoors and shelters shortcutters from the harsh Boston winters that we know “All Too Well” (the five minute version, because you took a shortcut). 

One Redditor even mentioned that BU is building a zipline from the 26th floor of Stuvi II to the top floor of Stuvi I. If this is the reason for the increase in tuition prices last year, embrace it. Let there be a zipline. 

Yeah right, picture that with a Kodak.

Although the stairs in this trans-Stuvi connection are dangerous, the entertainment factor of seeing someone, or laughing at even yourself, fall down the stairs provides extra motivation to go out and try this shortcut. Add a smile this finals season by watching the most annoying kid in your lecture take a tumble in the fresh air.

Warren Towers parking garage

Similar to the Stuvi connection, this shortcut is — blissfully — indoors. Avoid the dismal and all-consuming Boston winters for a brief moment by living in the warm wonders of a parking garage, which is definitely less gray than the sky outside. 

Embark on your journey through the side street between Warren Towers and the College of Communication and exit near the smell of overpriced, yet always delicious, Insomnia Cookies. 

Although you might have to dodge a few cars in the garage, it is definitely worth escaping the millions of students riddling the sidewalks of Commonwealth Avenue. 

Get a scooter

This one is pretty self explanatory. 

If you throw money at the problem and make peace with the fact that your campus-mates will hate you for eternity, this deal with the devil will shave minutes off of your commute to class.

All the BU athletes follow this shortcut, and so should you. Just make sure to strap on a helmet before you scooter the wrong way up the bike lane. 


The elevators are all so slow. Take the stairs. Always. Even to the fifth floor of CGS. Take the stairs. 

Agility workouts

There are so many people who constantly walk around campus staring at their phone. You should subscribe to a workout class to build up your agility to swiftly avoid these people. 

BU Beach to backdoor of CAS

If you are having a nice day basking in the famous Boston sun down on the BU Beach, this shortcut is perfect for you. 

Instead of walking all the way around CAS to enter the building from the front, you can enter from the back — right next to the sandy shores of the BU Beach. 

Photonics building from Cummington Mall to St. Mary’s Street

Comm Ave. is always so busy. Fortunately, there is a road less traveled.

If you’re walking down Cummington Mall, you can enter the Photonics building. You can walk through the inside of the building all the way to St. Mary’s St. 

This is especially helpful if you need a break from the harsh Boston winters. If you want to get even more crafty, you can walk through the aforementioned Warren parking garage and then walk outside for a quick moment before entering the Photonics building. This will help keep you warm and toasty throughout the winter. 

This Editorial was written by Opinion Co-Editor Brett Abrams and Layout and Graphics Co-Editor Lila Baltaxe

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