Over spring break, the Boston University Board of Trustees raised the price of tuition by 3.75 percent. We here at the ‘ol Free Press wonder, what else is on the rise since returning from break?

The numbers on the scales of Bostonians who partook of the discounted prix fixe gourmet food all over the city during Restaurant Week.

The tears of journalism majors, given the current state of the newspaper industry.

Our eyebrows at the claims of sounds that get you high, courtesy of I-doser.com. It can also be said that those claim to be feeling such a high are rising above our expectations of insanity.

Cavities in the mouths of Brookline-area school children, thanks to Brookline’s 94-year-old ‘Candy Lady.’

The amount of homeless college students in Boston if Mike Ross prevents them from living with four or more friends.

Former BU Men’s basketball coach Dennis Wolff’s free time.

Our level of sobriety after Marty’s Liquors closes this Saturday. Marty’s + FreeP=BFF. 2 good 2B 4gotten.

The horrified reactions from followers of the FreeP’s new Twitter account when they see what really goes on in the office. Lady Gaga and 2 a.m. Slurpees are perfectly normal, OK?!

Keep on Interrobanging in the free world, guys.

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