Finance & Economy

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As video games become more lifelike, the advertisements in them are also coming to life. The original forms of virtual gaming have been around almost as long as the popularization of television and computers.

Deficit threatens higher ed

In the face of Gov. Deval Patrick’s budget cuts, Massachusetts’ public colleges and universities are scrambling to find alternate ways to raise money without placing a financial burden on students.


With every new communication technology invented, a more detailed way for people to chronicle their lives minute-by-minute seems to emerge.


Most people are unlikely to find themselves stranded without Internet access these days, but in case they ever are and need quick information, they can rely on ChaCha.

Tangled Webs

Facebook status changes may be a thing of the past.


College students have enough work to do on top of having to constantly check Facebook, their inboxes and news sites every couple of hours.

Deficit forces state to cut jobs

Governor Deval Patrick’s new economic plan for the state calls for cutting more than $1 billion from the budget, a move that will affect 1,000 jobs and put community improvement projects at a standstill.

State avoids big bailout for now

The Massachusetts State Treasury successfully sold $750 million in bonds Wednesday, quelling fears that the Commonwealth would have to turn to the federal government for money in the same manner troubled Wall Street firms have in recent weeks.

Travelers give back on holidays

Heather Maurer worked hard this summer. But she did not earn a paycheck, and she was not cooped up in a stuffy office.

Running on empty

Peter Kelly is just trying to save the environment. Instead, six months after joining BU’s RideShare program, he still doesn’t have a carpool buddy.