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Dear Doctors,

Some of my close friends are graduating, but I still have another year left of college. I’m really going to miss them. How do I cope?




Dear Perplexed,

Part of growing up is starting new chapters and following new paths, even if that means leaving behind the people you love. It’s important to know that just because you won’t be seeing your friends regularly, it doesn’t mean they won’t stay in your life. Friendships come and go, but if you each put in the effort to stay in contact, then they can last. While you still have time together at school, you should use it to make more memories with each of them. Cherish the moments and be happy for your friends as they move onto the next stage.

Best Wishes,


Luc Ljoka | Senior Graphic Artist


Dear Perplexed,

I can’t relate. My friends have always stayed with me.



Luc Ljoka | Senior Graphic Artist
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