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Dear Doctors,

With the current political climate, I find myself losing a lot of my so-called friends. I also find myself blocked and unfollowed on social media because I don’t agree with their views. I have tried to have conversations, but some of them just don’t want to hear any opinion other than their own. What should I do?




Dear Perplexed,

I’m sorry to hear that things are so heated. College is supposed to be a place where people of different backgrounds can openly exchange ideas in a free, honest way without animosity. You don’t have to agree with your friends on everything, but if they really are your friends, the least they can do is be willing to talk about it. Weaponizing social media and reducing one’s position to immature name-calling are the lowest forms of communication. Hang in there. Hopefully things will get better.

Best Wishes,


Luc Ljoka | Senior Graphic Artist

Dear Perplexed,

Screw them. Find new friends.



Luc Ljoka | Senior Graphic Artist


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