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Boston University news outlet will only print when running paid advertisements

BOSTON, MA (February 11, 2019) — Due to economic difficulties, The Daily Free Press has decided to only publish print copies of the newspaper when running a paid advertisement. Although the outlet has released a weekly print issue for the past five years, the FreeP is no longer financially able to print every week if there are no ads.

Last Thursday marked the first week the FreeP was unable to print after receiving no running ads. The Daily Free Press will inform its readership of its print status every Thursday on social media. On weeks when the FreeP is in print, newspapers can be found at the same locations throughout campus.

“We are disappointed that we are not able to print every week. Along with many newspapers around the country, we have had to learn how to adapt to the changing news environment,” says Lexi Peery, chair of the Back Bay Publishing, Co., Inc. “Although we are not able to print every week, we are still publishing digital content daily on our website. We are, and will always be, dedicated to informing the BU community.”

The Daily Free Press will continue to publish online daily and in print when financially possible. We apologize to our loyal print readers and hope you will continue to read our online content.

About The Daily Free Press

Founded on May 5, 1970 by Boston University students, The Daily Free Press is the only independent student newspaper at BU. It is published digitally Mondays through Fridays and printed on Thursdays during the academic year except during vacation and exam periods by Back Bay Publishing Co., Inc. The FreeP serves as an independent voice for the BU community, covering news on campus and around the City of Boston.

About Back Bay Publishing Co., Inc.

Back Bay Publishing Co., Inc. is a nonprofit Massachusetts corporation operated by Boston University students. The BBPC’s Board of Directors is made up of former Daily Free Press editors and is responsible for the publishing and general business management of the paper, as well as the appointment and oversight of the editorial board.


Anna Whitelaw | Public Relations Chair | Back Bay Publishing, Co., Inc. |

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  1. So sorry I know what you are going through. In the early 70’s Bruce and I revived the Freep. At the time there was no Social Media all had to be on print.
    We had a great deal of receivables, which I collected, while Bruce rebuilt the editorial staff. Eventually we had enough to pay the printer and made a deal with him to handle production of the negatives for the plates in house. That was almost 50 years ago.