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Fire in Allston leaves $3 million in damage, several local businesses temporarily close

Fire in Allston
Wooden planks cover the glass windows of IFresh Noodles in Allston, Mass. A fire caused by an electrical short at a restaurant spread to businesses next door. COLIN BOYD/DFP STAFF

The Boston Fire Department responded to a fire in Allston on the night of Sep. 13. Several local restaurants on Brighton Avenue were affected, which BFD said “quickly went to a third alarm fire.” 

The BFD chased the fire through several businesses and restaurants, and there were no injuries. The fire originated from the IFresh Noodle restaurant and was caused by an electrical short in the ceiling area above the kitchen, according to a BFD incident report. Restaurants Amelia’s Taqueria and Thai Place both were exposed to the fire.

Given the potential devastation caused by such incidents, it becomes evident that having a reliable fire watch service is crucial for businesses, especially those in the hospitality industry.

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According to the report, the fire caused roughly $3 million in property damage and an additional $300,000 in personal property damage. The Bank of America, Metro by T-Mobile, La Mamma Pizza and More and other businesses were affected by “smoke travel and forcible entry,” the report said.

Amir Shiranian, the owner and president of Amelia’s Taqueria said he received a call from the restaurant around 9 p.m. informing him that employees smelled smoke. Shiranian called the fire department, but the fire soon “erupted” in Amelia’s Taqueria and Thai Place. 

“Pretty much everything was on fire, and the fire department had to break the windows and open up the roof in order for the air to go, so they can actually battle with the fire,” Shiranian said. “It took them, I would say, around three to four hours, and finally the fire was stopped totally.”

Mandy Wilkens, an Allston resident who lives on Quint Avenue, said there was a lot of noise and “commotion” on Brighton Avenue that night. 

“There were maybe four or five fire trucks in front of the street, and they were going on top of the restaurant,” Wilkens said. “Six of them [businesses] have visible damage on the outside.”

Shiranian said the staff for Amelia’s Taqueria checked the restaurant on the next day, and the restaurant was “totally destroyed” inside. 

“They have told us it may take at least six months for the reconstruction of the building,” Shiranian said. “We pretty much lost all our equipment, and luckily nobody got hurt, which was the most important thing during this sort of accident.” 

Shiranian said he appreciates all the support Amelia’s Taqueria got after the fire and hopes the restaurant can be reopened in the same place. 

“We hope that we can open up soon, as we are one of the staples of the neighborhood,” he said. 

Currently, Amelia’s Taqueria, iFresh Noodle, Thai Place, a Bank of America ATM location, a MetroWest store, Change Express Money Transfer, and La Mamma Pizza are temporarily closed and locked down. 

“Those are restaurants that I walk by literally every day of my life. I think I know a lot of people use Amelia’s, I use that Bank of America on a regular basis,” Wilkens said. “I really hope they’ll survive.” 


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  1. Hi, how might someone be able to get in contact with the owners of these businesses in order to start a gofundme campaign?