Monday, April 21, 2014
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Mugar window damaged by falling construction material

A window at Boston University Mugar Memorial Library was shattered around 1 p.m. on Tuesday, according to Boston University Police Department Captain Robert Molloy.

Although an official investigation has not been conducted yet, officials believe that the window was shattered by a piece of material being pulled up for the new Law Tower construction, Molloy said.

“A window was broken on the third floor over by a piece of stone that was being pulled up from the fifth level on top of scaffolding of the new [Law Tower] building,” Molloy said. “It slipped away from its harness, hit a metal sunscreen on the library’s third floor and crashed into a glass window.”

According to Molloy, no one was in the premises of the accident and no one was injured.

Molloy said other than the broken window, no other damage was done to the library, and the window is already undergoing renovation.

“It damaged the window only, and that’s being repaired,” Molloy said. “There was no other impact on the library.”

BU School of Public Health first-year graduate student Lindsey Garrison, who was studying in a cubicle on the third floor of Mugar when the incident occurred, said the crash caught the attention of other students studying on the floor.

“There was a loud crash and the sound of glass breaking,” she said. “Everyone stood up to see what happened.”

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